5 Healthy Alternatives to Energy Drinks

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Many people reach for a commercial energy drink daily or even several times a day to help avoid an afternoon slump. However, a 16 oz. can of Red Bull contains 52 grams of sugar, about the same amount as 11 Oreo cookies, and more than a 12 oz can of Coca-cola which has 39 grams…. Read more »

Eat Your Fruits – It’s Okay

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If you had any doubts about the benefits of eating whole fruit, you can put them to rest. A study out of China published in the New England Journal of Medicine (April 7, 2016, pp 1332-1343) reveals that a higher level of fruit consumption led to lower blood pressure and lower glucose levels. There was… Read more »

Stop Blood Clots With Lumbrokinase (Boluoke)

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Blood clots cause heart attacks, strokes, phlebitis, blockage of lung arteries, often leading to severe illness or sudden death. Persons who spend hours in sitting positions, such as in plane flights or long distance driving, are especially susceptible to blood clots forming in their legs, then breaking off and going to the lungs. Symptoms include… Read more »

The Benefits of Vitamin C in Treating Infection

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A new study* validates the powerful effect of intravenous vitamin C in recovery from infection. Dr. Fowler described his study in the October 2015 issue of the Townsend Letter, the major alternative medicine journal. Twenty-four patients, all critically ill with severe sepsis, were treated in the intensive care unit. Sepsis is a disseminated infection that… Read more »

The Power of Vitamin D and Leaky Gut

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Crohn’s disease is an inflammation of the intestine characterized by pain, bleeding, and ulcerations in the gut. Impaired gut permeability leads to the passage of bacteria, toxins, or other substances through the gut lining into deeper tissues, and throughout the body. This aggravates the inflammatory immune response. Increased gut permeability occurs before clinical relapse in… Read more »

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain and Diabetes

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Artificial sweeteners, because they contain no calories, are used in place of sugar to prevent weight gain and diabetes. Unfortunately, they do not provide the benefits attributed to them. The major artificial sweeteners are Aspartame (Nutrasweet), Sucralose (Splenda), and Saccharin (Sweet “N Low). More than 6000 foods contain these products, and the number is rising…. Read more »

Top Ten Super Foods

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The CDC completed a cross sectional study looking at the nutrient density of powerhouse fruits and vegetables. Let’s look at the top 10 nutrient dense foods that we should be emphasizing on a daily basis. Superfood List Watercress – This may surprise many as it is not always the first food selected in the produce aisle…. Read more »

Intravenous Vitamin C

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Intravenous vitamin C has a storied past. Not at the time identified as the active therapeutic component, vitamin C in citrus fruits was demonstrated by James Lind in 1747 to prevent scurvy in sailors. Citrus fruit therapy had been inconsistently utilized for 500 years for the same purpose, but was not officially acknowledged and promoted… Read more »

Does Coffee Extend Lifespan?

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In a very large study involving over 400,000 men and women over 13 years, those who drank more coffee were found to live longer. (NEJM May 17, 2012, pp.1891-1904) Subjects were aged 50-71 at baseline. Compared with men who drank no coffee, the incidence of death was 6% less in men who drank one cup… Read more »

Nutrient Therapies and Mental Health

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A soon-to-be-released book, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatments in Psychiatry, by Stradford, Vickar, Berger, and Cass, lists a number of nutrient therapies found to be beneficial for mental health problems. Niacinamide– for Alzheimer’s disease treatment and prevention- up to 6000 mg daily. Methylation supporters– affect dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin to impact memory, mood, concentration, and… Read more »