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It has become customary to intervene early with drugs and surgery, even in the absence of disease. Men and women are advised to take ascoxpirin to prevent future heart attack and stroke, and to take statin drugs for the same reason. Women have prophylactic mastectomies and ovariectomies to prevent cancer. Stents are inserted into partially blocked coronary arteries in the absence of chest pain. One hundred thousand men and women a year have gastric balloon or bypass surgery to lose weight to prevent disease. 

Insurance companies pay for these procedures in the belief that future medical costs will be lower. From a certain perspective they are right, but we see the damage done. Our medical costs per capita are the world’s highest, and exceed those of the country next in line by nearly 100%. Our longevity lags behind that of twenty other nations. 

We are enveloped by growing waves of disease we have been unable to alter: autism in children, Alzheimer’s in adults, cancers of obscure origin. We have a problem with addiction to legally prescribed medications that’s greater than addiction to street drugs. 

The result of assigning our health to the priorities of drugs and surgeries is to assign responsibility to politics and business, and to subvert individual responsibility. Government becomes more powerful and business more productive, while the individual loses the opportunity to fully determine what he can do for himself. 

At the same time, the individual exposes himself to the cost and complications of surgery, and the cost and unpredictable adverse effects of drugs. 

It could be argued that the individual can assert himself even while taking medications or after a procedure. In reality, drug and surgical interventions mitigate the urgency for change. Since blood pressure is lowered by blood pressure medication, it is no longer important to restrict salt, take magnesium and exercise. Since the statin drug lowers cholesterol, it is allowable to eat fast foods and pizza. Drug side effects of impotence, fatigue and muscle pain are not attributed to their origins, but are blamed on aging or simply dismissed. 

Mind and body are monitored by an elaborate web of interconnected happenings. Interventions aimed at altering a single focus of activity unavoidably impact other seemingly unrelated areas because the threads connecting them are unknown, or the intervention itself has unrecognized diverse actions. Thus an antibiotic may cause confusion, and an antipsychotic drug may cause cardiac arrest. The entry of a foreign chemical into a balanced biochemical system, like a magnet into a clock, can mess up the works.

Much of our current plight is the unanticipated consequence of scientific and social revolution. Something new is found to help, but there is also a tradeoff in the exposure to harm. 

Examples: farming grains averts starvation but engenders obesity; discovery of antibiotics cures infection but predisposes to other infection; psychiatric drugs reduce agitation but cause addiction and unanticipated psychosis; hospitals shelter the sick, but are fantastically expensive. 

Too often, we really don’t know what we are doing or what the result will be. We need to be more careful about how we apply our inventions, and wary of the small regard in which we hold our basic strengths.

Human beings possess enormous capacities for self-determined change. Our dependence on drugs and invasive procedures invalidates those capacities and renders people the effect, not the cause, of their conditions. 

Our purpose is to promote the individual’s ability to influence his own health, and to provide powerful tools to that end. We have been doing this for many years.

In summary, our philosophy at the Institute for Progressive Medicine is to support mind and body with as little use of artificial and invasive methods as possible. 

– Allan Sosin, M.D

Following are some of the most common questions asked by patients. Click or tap the question to view the answer

We believe that the most important aspect of healing is the communication established between doctor and patient. Accordingly, we spend a lot of time talking to patients and their families, establishing rapport and positive energy.

We do not believe that symptoms should lead automatically to medication, that people are natural repositories for drugs, or that a sick human being is just a machine in need of repair.

We believe that people are intelligent, spiritual beings who respond best to understanding and honest communication.

We believe that medicine needs to change so that all physicians address their patients as unique individuals, not just as a collection of illnesses.

As a new patient, you will have approximately one hour to spend with your doctor. During that time, your health history will be carefully reviewed, any necessary physical exams performed, indicated laboratory studies will be requested, and an initial treatment plan formulated.

Frequency of visits varies from patient to patient. We tailor this to meet your health care needs.

Patients often come back more frequently in the beginning, then less and less often as their health improves.

Treatment time varies from person to person and based on the condition treated.

To put things in perspective, realize that declining health did not occur overnight, and the road back may take some time.


Side effects from drugs are common, and patients may not be aware that their medications are making them ill.

Many conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, can be managed with nutritional and other lifestyle changes, and many medications may be reduced or even completely eliminated.

Some patients taking five or six medications have been able to discontinue all of them.


We assess each patient’s unique situation, and determine the best approach to therapy.

When drugs are indicated, we prescribe them after a discussion of risks and benefits. Realizing that drugs are over-prescribed in our society, we usually try to find other methods of addressing health problems before resorting to medications (or surgeries).

There are certain herbal or nutritional supplements that have the possibility of interacting with particular prescription medications. Our doctors are knowledgeable about the contraindications to natural prescriptions.

Other supplements are beneficial to take with prescription medications, either enhancing their effectiveness or decreasing their side effects.

It is a pharmacy that actually makes drug preparations, instead of just dispensing pills.

In particular, a compounding pharmacy can mix specific combinations of hormones according to the physician’s specifications.

We offer complementary cancer care. We will work with your oncologist to ensure you receive the best of both forms of medicine.

We have a large pediatric population in our practice.

We treat children for a variety of health concerns ranging from ear infections to ADHD.

Yes. These are called bioidentical hormones, and can be taken orally, sublingually (under the tongue), or transdermally (under the skin) as hormone pellets.

No, not if natural hormones are used, and in the proper dosage. Bioidentical hormones are safer than synthetic or animal hormones, especially when applied transdermally. They cause a lower risk of blood clots, heart disease or breast cancer than conventional hormone replacement

The exception is patients with a history of breast cancer. These individuals should not receive hormone replacement therapy. In such cases, herbal preparations may help reduce menopausal symptoms.

Yes. The modern Western diet and lifestyle has done much to lead our generation to the threshold of insulin resistance and ultimately diabetes. Research indicates that over 90% of Type 2 diabetes is reversible without medication, using vigorous application of proper nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle changes.

We believe that patients with newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes should not be treated initially with medication. Instead, they should initiate a low glycemic index diet with a high fiber intake of 50 grams per day, at least 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise, and sufficient sleep. Nutritional supplements, including B vitamins, magnesium, fish oils, alpha lipoic acid and other nutrients, help to increase the activity of insulin and lower the blood sugar.

Diabetic medications may cause hypoglycemia, weight gain, diarrhea, and other complications. If the glycohemoglobin (average blood sugar) measurement can be kept below 7%, these medications are not necessary.

Foods that produce high levels of blood sugar are called high glycemic index (GI) foods. When your diet consists predominantly of these foods, your body responds by producing higher levels of insulin than it would if you were to eat lower GI foods.

When insulin is high, your body not only converts blood sugar into energy, but it also stores extra energy as fat.

The top 10 low GI foods are: apples, berries, cherries, barley, grapefruit, legumes (lentils, beans, peanuts), nuts (almonds, walnuts, soy nuts), oatmeal (unsweetened), green peas, tomatoes, unsweetened plain yogurt.

The top 10 high GI foods are: candy, cookies, juices, white potatoes, chips (corn and potato), sweetened cereal, soda, sweet snacks, white bread and bagels (processed flour), white rice.

Yes to both questions.

A study of heart disease around the globe revealed that the same factors were responsible for heart disease in all countries, in both sexes, and at all ages. These factors accounted for more than 95% of heart disease.

Heart disease is not inevitable. It is preventable by changing those risk factors. In people with pre-existing heart disease, addressing those same factors may eliminate symptoms and allow medications to be reduced.

We also work with other therapies to reverse cardiac symptoms, including external counterpulsation (ECP), chelation therapy, Plaquex therapy.

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine indicates that C-reactive protein (CRP) is a stronger predictor of future cardiac events, such as heart attack and cardiac death, than low-density-lipoprotein (LDL).

LDL cholesterol is currently the focus of guidelines for therapy and for the determination of cardiovascular risk. However, cardiac enzymes are often not associated with high blood levels of LDL cholesterol.

CRP is an indicator of possible inflammation, and has been shown repeatedly to be associated with an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and sudden death. It is also an indicator of vascular disease. Unlike other markers of inflammation, CRP levels are very stable over long periods of time, do not fluctuate significantly during the day, and can be measured easily and cheaply with simple lab testing.

It is possible to reduce levels of CRP with dietary supplements.

Diet is extremely important and the first place to start.

A study in JAMA indicates that cholesterol and C-reactive protein can be lowered as much through diet as by using a statin drug. A full dietary evaluation is indicated to identify what foods you are currently eating and your specific tastes in order to create tailored nutritional recommendations. However, a low glycemic index diet has been shown to have the best results with lowering cholesterol (and weight loss).

Additional foods that have been shown to lower cholesterol include almonds, soy protein and soluble fiber and plant sterols. In addition, there are many nutritional supplements that have been shown also to lower cholesterol, including policosanol, red yeast rice and plant sterols/sterolins.

Exercise is even more important for people with heart disease than for healthy people. Research has shown that the strongest predictor for survival in heart disease is the capacity to perform aerobic activity. The performance of exercise itself, however, does minutely increase the risk of cardiac complications, so individuals should exercise under supervision, starting slowly and increasing activity in a graded fashion.

It is indicated in the case of heart failure, severe ventricular arrhythmias or resuscitation from sudden death, inability to perform daily activities despite maximal medication therapy, and sometimes in the face of acute myocardial infarction.

Many cardiac catheterizations are performed without sufficient indications—in fact, 60% of catheterizations are performed in patients who have no heart disease.

ECP stands for enhanced external counterpulsation.

It is a noninvasive, highly effective treatment for chest pain due to coronary artery disease. It has been used in the United States since 1995 to treat patients with cardiac chest pain who are unresponsive to other therapies, or who are too sick to undergo invasive treatments. ECP improves chest pain and shortness of breath in most patients.

The therapy involves inflating cuffs around the legs and pelvis during the relaxation phase of the cardiac cycle, called diastole. Because it is noninvasive, the treatment is extremely safe and may be provided in a doctor’s office.

We have worked with this treatment for the last ten years and find that it is beneficial for a number of medical conditions, including angina, congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, stroke, edema, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome, and deconditioning.

It may also be used to enhance physical performance. Professional athletes have found it useful in preventing injuries and enhancing endurance.

We believe ECP should be used as a first-line therapy for heart disease, rather than being saved as a last resort for patients who have failed other approaches.

We carry many nutritional products that decrease inflammation and pain in the joints very well. Kaprex and Inflavonoid are herbal formulations that can greatly decrease joint pain.

Yes. Bone density can be increased with calcium and magnesium, vitamin D, natural hormone replacement, strontium, vitamin K, and if necessary with medications like bisphosphonates and parathyroid hormone.

Even older patients with a history of osteoporotic fractures can increase their bone density. Lifestyle changes including daily weight-bearing exercises, lower protein diets, and avoidance of salt and sugar are recommended.

Yes, you can absolutely obtain adequate calcium from other sources than dairy. Some good sources of calcium include: turnip greens, sardines, collard greens, rhubarb, spinach, oatmeal, salmon, tofu, broccoli, swiss chard, molasses, rice drink, almonds, beans, filberts, halibut, chick peas, sesame seeds.

We offer immune drips here in the clinic. Patients who have received immune drips often report a dramatic improvement in energy and sense of wellbeing.

Immune drips are useful to patients battling various infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, shingles, the common cold or the flu. In addition, they can prevent the outbreak of an infection by boosting the immune system and by direct antibacterial and antiviral actions.

An immune drip is an infusion of intravenous vitamins and minerals, including high dose vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, zinc and other minerals, and a potent antioxidant and detoxifier called glutathione.

We use this combination to treat infections, improve immune status, enhance healing, assist patients who are undergoing cancer therapy, and as a preoperative and postoperative boost.

It is also helpful for people under stress, or who have chronic fatigue.

An antioxidant is a molecule that ties up free radicals to prevent them from causing damage to cells in the body.

Free radicals are byproducts of energy processes. Unless they are disposed of, free radicals may cause injury to cells. They contribute to degenerative diseases, including heart disease, arthritis, and cancer. Antioxidants may prevent or slow down these disease processes.

The major antioxidants we use are vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, glutathione, grapeseed extract, vitamin E, vitamin A, and B vitamins.

Preconception health care for both partners is the key ingredient to ensure optimal reproductive health. It is a way for both parents to improve their fertility and the health of their eggs and sperm, by promoting:

  • The presence of the nutritional building blocks’ which are necessary for the formation of a healthy embryo,

  • The absence of toxins that could be detrimental to this process,

  • Optimum general and reproductive health in both parents.

Many conditions such as infertility, miscarriage and poor fetal health are preventable and treatable with preconception health care combined with continued healthcare throughout your pregnancy.

At the Institute for Progressive Medicine, our program offers support for couples with fertility problems, and for couples who simply want their child to have the healthiest start in life.

We not only aim to achieve a conception, but also to improve the chances for a very natural and healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby. This is achieved through the use of natural medicines, dietary and lifestyle changes, cycle charting, timing techniques, and teaches couples how to understand and manage their own fertility.

We offer free 15-minute consultations with couples who want to investigate the benefits of this program for their reproductive health.

Human growth hormone (hGH) increases muscle mass, reduces fat, strengthens the heart, increases bone density, and improves physical performance and sense of wellbeing.

It is most effective when taken by injection.

The most damaging heavy metals are mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, and cadmium. These are known to cause the greatest toxicity in humans.

  • Mercury causes brain damage, heart disease, kidney disease, and immune system dysfunction. It may contribute to autism, and is thought to be involved through the administration of mercury-containing vaccines to children.

  • Lead causes brain damage, anemia, cataracts, hypertension, kidney disease, and heart disease.


  • Arsenic causes neuropathy, lung cancer, cataracts, kidney failure, and malignant melanoma.

  • Aluminum causes dementia and osteoporosis.

  • Cadmium causes kidney disease and lung cancer.

Heavy metals are common and will be found to some extent in everyone. Identifying exposure is often difficult.

The best way to evaluate for heavy metals is to collect a 24-hour urine sample after administration of a chelating agent, a chemical that drives heavy metals out in the urine. Hair and blood testing may also be useful.

Because chelation therapy is effective in removing heavy metals, diagnosis and treatment should be performed. It is not known at what level heavy metals will cause toxicity in a particular individual. Therefore chelation therapy for heavy metal removal should be considered in all individuals with dementia, kidney disease, heart disease or skin cancer.

We do not use antidepressant drugs in our clinic. There are many reports of these drugs worsening depression or anxiety, impairing brain function, and failing to help.

Recently, the FDA required antidepressant drug manufacturers to put a black box warning in their advertisements, stating that patients taking these drugs may have an increased risk of suicidal thinking or behavior.

Alternative approaches exist for managing emotional problems.

It is important to have daily outdoor exercise, to eliminate sugars, food additives and preservatives from the diet, and to add specific nutritional supplements.

We offer a variety of services treating a wide range of health concerns. Many of our patients have all their health needs met at our clinic.

We have many patients who receive ongoing care from their current primary care physician and visit our clinic for more specialized care, others have chosen one of our doctors as their primary care doctor.

Click on each title below to view testimonials from satisfied patients.

Dr. Sosin has done a wonderful job of getting me back to good health.  I highly recommend him.  In my opinion, he’s performed miracles for me.
I have to mention his amazing staff.  They’re caring, kind and give you the special attention that you may need at any particular time.  They always make you feel loved and like you’re their only patient. I only wish I had gone to see Dr. Sosin sooner! Thank you, Dr. Sosin and your Awesome Staff!    – SC

I am also thankful for the many informative articles that Dr. Sosin has available in slots on the office walls.  The one on “Allergies” was especially helpful.  I changed the blinds in the bedroom to a pull-down shade and washed all the linens as recommended and my body and eyes have stopped itching.
With all the alternative treatments including immune drips to strengthen my body before and after surgery and prescription for “Synergy”, a powder made of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs that give me energy, I am slowly on the way to a stronger body, thanks to Dr. Sosin.  – DK

I have been a patient of  Dr. Sosin since I went on Medicare 5 years ago.  I drive over an hour from Pasadena to see him.  After visiting my doctor in Pasadena, I always felt hopeless and defeated, but after visiting Dr. Sosin I always feel very good about my health.
Today I told him about my upcoming knee surgery, and he immediately told me about what I can expect, advised me as to what to tell my surgeon, and recommended tests and natural preventive strategies which will help me to avoid negative outcomes and recover quickly.  I had an immune IV and my fatigue has disappeared.
Dr. Sosin is so caring and knowledgeable!  An amazing combination!  The best doctor I have ever had!   – SS

I have been seeing Dr. Sosin for over 13 years and love his dedicated and thoughtful demeanor. My health has greatly improved thanks to his innovative, preventive therapies including bio-identical hormone and PRP/Ozone therapy. Thank you Dr. Sosin!   – JC

Several years ago I was given to Dr. Sosin as a referral for my multiple health problems. I was overweight, had hypertension and high cholesterol. I also suffering from an old broken ankle injury that had not healed properly. After an intensive exam, Dr. Sosin put me on vitamin therapy. He also reduced the drugs I was taking for hypertension and high cholesterol from six different drugs to now a small amount of only two different drugs. The high blood pressure has remained down for the last several years and my cholesterol has dropped at least 40 points, bringing my cholesterol level to slightly above normal.

I have added a workout and diet program to maintain my weight and help with my ankle injury. I also received some prolotherapy treatments that have helped the pain in my ankle. There is some pain, but it has improved considerably since the treatments. I can now walk without extensive pain and take part in my workout program. I chose this treatment over surgery. I am most pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Sosin and his staff to anyone experiencing problems. I have recommended Dr. Sosin to several people who are now his patients. – J.H.

I know that you will appreciate an update on my husband–surely one of your more challenging cases. As you know, my husband arrived in a wheelchair on 70mg of cortisone. His legs were numb and he was unable to walk more than a few feet. In the past week and a half he has made steady and remarkable progress. He is back to work, walking daily about a mile to and from the parking lot to his office. The numbness in his feet is gradually diminishing and he has been able to taper his steroids to 52.5mg. Today he will be going down to 50mg.

I left our home with many skeptics in the wings and I think perhaps my husband was one of them. Of course this is just another one of those hard to crack cases that have come to you and have been helped. My belief is that medicine will not have reached its pinnacle until conventional and progressive therapies are integrated everywhere with more of an emphasis on wellness. We have had a very positive experience at the Institute, enjoying a warm and caring staff. By the time we left, we felt like family with all of them. Be proud of the team that you have put together and know that we are very happy to have been given the time, attention and care that we received there for three weeks. – HG

Since my last visit in May of this year I have steadily improved under Dr. Sosin’s care. The supplement prescriptions Dr. Sosin prescribed have worked very well. I have increased energy, almost no chest pain and much less of a breathing problem. These improvements have been gradual and lasting and each week shows improvement. I am sleeping better, eating better, and enjoying my life a whole lot more. I know I still have sarcoidosis, but I am confident that continuing on my present program at the Institute for Progressive Medicine will enable me to have more improvement, more strength and better health. – D.C.

The exact statement on the Institute’s website that drew me to Dr. Sosin is the exact success that I experienced today when I saw that my blood pressure had dropped from 210/100 to 150/76 in 28 days!

The website statement is, “With access to both conventional and complementary therapies, we formulate programs for health that avoid complications of drugs and surgery whenever possible.” And that is exactly what Dr. Sosin did. He formulated a drug free program to handle my high blood pressure. All I had to do was follow exactly what the program entailed. I stopped my heavy intake of salt immediately, went on a directed weight loss program and took the prescribed nutritional supplements.

In just 28 days Dr. Sosin took me from a state of high risk for a short life, to a high quality life. I wake each morning full of energy, get lots done all day long and stay alert until bed time. I also lost 14 pounds, all without traditional blood pressure medication!

Thank you, Dr. Sosin, and thank you to the staff of the Institute for Progressive Medicine. You have gained a loyal patient, in me and my friends and family.– S.Y.  

We have treated several hundred patients using ECP, and have seen remarkable improvements in many of them. Patients who would not or could not consider angioplasty or bypass surgery, or had already failed these treatments, are able to improve using counterpulsation therapy. If you are interested in ECP therapy for yourself a friend or family member, please make an appointment to receive a free trial treatment.

Dear Dr. Sosin, This letter is a short report of my experience with ECP treatment at your center. Aside from the fact that it was simple, it was pleasant and was of great benefit to me. I felt a definite shift in my well-being after my third treatment. There was an increase in my energy and most noticeable of all, an increase in my leg strength. Whereas I had to use a handrail to assist me in climbing even a short flight of stairs, now it is no longer necessary. I can climb up the middle of a stairway.

The following list is where I have received benefits:

  • More energy
  • More leg strength
  • Increased mental acuity
  • Easier breathing
  • Seem to have better circulation

I also have to report the result of an appointment with the electrocardiophysiologist who implanted my pacemaker/defibrillator unit. He was so pleased with my increased heart strength that he regulated the unit down to 60 beats per minute. He said that my heart was now able to do more of the needed work, which in turn made me notice an increase in feeling well. In closing, I would not hesitate to recommend the ECP treatments to anyone. I also without hesitation recommend you, your staff and your clinic.– F.S.

My husband was unable to pass the EKG and other tests in order to have surgery.  After his health had deteriorated more due to circulation problems, he tried ECP.  He already had developed heart and kidney disease, but could not exercise.  He had Diabetes II, knee and foot pain and was fatigued.
After just 12 ECP treatments, he passed the EKG test!  He has been continuing with ECP once a week ever since.
ECP is an amazing technology!  His heart disease and blocked arteries in his legs improved 35%!  He had a Doppler ultrasound and chest x-ray taken, revealing these results.  Therefore, we heartily recommend ECP for anyone with these kinds of problems.   –  SB

After completing 35 treatments of  ECP, I am feeling more alert and have more energy to get going and be more active.
The attention and care delivered by Dr. Sosin and all the staff here at the Institute for Progressive Medicine is outstanding!  Always friendly and helpful and delivering an outstanding service.  Thank you.  –  DC

I have had thirty five treatments of ECP that have been beneficial to the quality of my life. Before the therapy, I could walk around for about five minutes. Since completing ECP, I can walk around for approximately an hour before resting. Six years ago, I had a stroke which affected the right side of my body. I had to use my left hand to raise my right arm and hand. Now that I have finished ECP, I can raise my right arm and hand without help. I am also more alert, energized and have less pain. Thanks to Dr. Sosin and staff for introducing and administering ECP to me. – B.S.

I had open heart surgery on June 20, 2002. I was in and out of the hospital thirteen times in the following ten months. I have been on over thirty three different prescription medications. The side effects of the medication and the multiple return trips to the hospital have been very unpleasant and exhausting. I had been unable to drive my car due to side effects of the medications.

On the advice of Dr. Sosin, and the recommendation of Dr. Bello, I began ECP treatment on May 6, 2003. After a very few treatments I began to feel much better. I have more energy physically and mentally. I have now completed the 35 treatments recommended and I feel better now than I have felt in the last couple of years. My prescriptions have been dropped to five. I am a firm believer in ECP.– R.H.

My mother who is 83 suffers from congestive heart failure and recently spent three and a half weeks in the hospital. After an angiogram, they said only 40% of her heart was functioning. The suggested treatment was open-heart surgery, angioplasty or stent, all too risky in her condition. There was no alternative but to maintain her through pharmaceutical drugs!

MY mother recently started ECP treatment after my sister found the Institute for Progressive Medicine and ECP on the internet. My mom’s progress has been substantial. The swelling in her ankles is almost gone and her energy has increased tremendously. She is not using her wheelchair as much and is moving towards more independence. Nutritional supplements have allowed Dr. Sosin to eliminate one of her drugs, which is part of the goal. I am grateful for the non-invasive treatment and hope that it has given my mom. Thank you, Dr. Sosin and staff, for your commitment to alternative healing. Your treatment is giving our mom more years with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Thank you and God bless. – J.T.

After two years of struggling with congestive heart failure I found the Institute for Progressive Medicine. I was barely able to walk or climb stairs. Dr. Sosin gave me a thorough exam and recommended ECP along with other treatments. After 35 ECP treatments I lost 30 lbs. and was able to reduce prescription drugs to a minimum. I feel great, and with maintenance treatments, I expect to experience a gradual improvement. I am now able to walk up stairs with minimum effort. My swelling is gone, my sleeping has improved and my energy level is vastly improved. Thank you Dr. Sosin and the Institute for Progressive Medicine.- L.E.

I have type 2 diabetes and my A1C (a three month average of blood sugar) was higher than Dr. Sosin wanted, so he put me on cinnamon and fenugreek. I couldn’t believe my eyes when 3 months later my A1C had declined from 7.9 to 5.9, into the normal range. That sure beats the various prescription products with all their side effects.-B.W.

Two years ago I had a massive heart attack. All three of my arteries were 90% clogged. I had two angioplasties and stents put in to open up my arteries and improve my circulation. After six months the stents had reclogged. I had severe heart failure and my diabetes was out of control. My BNP count was 2124 (normal is less than 200) and I was so weak and out of breath that I could barely walk. Also, I had retained about 20 pounds of fluid from my heart failure.

Then I decided to come to the Institute for Progressive Medicine to see Dr. Sosin. He started me on a program of chelation, Plaquex and Natrecor. A year later my BNP count has been within normal range, my diabetes has been under control and my fluid retention has diminished. I am also able to walk long distances without any shortness of breath. Dr. Sosin is an excellent doctor. He cares and listens to his patients. His whole staff is WONDERFUL! They are always there to answer any questions I have and they always give you the best care. They should be commended for their excellent service.
- W.Q.

I have been a very satisfied patient of Dr. Sosin’s for quite a few years.  Since having a bone on bone problem in my right knee and both hands, I have had several ozone shots.  My knee is almost pain free, only hurting once in a while and my hand is much better since having an ozone shot in my wrist.  I am very thankful. – SG

I have been having neck problems for years and have been seeking all kinds of treatments that were ineffective.  After a few prolozone treatments with Dr. Sosin, I started to see a noticeable improvement.  This has really made a big difference in the quality of my life and provided results no other treatment could.   – IS

I had disk degeneration with a herniated nucleus pulposis. I went to an orthopedic surgeon who told me to walk 5 minutes a day and kept telling me to get cortisone shots. I had taken one shot and it was so painful and only lasted for three weeks and then I was back to the same pain. Then I decided I was going to see Dr. Sosin. He put me on anti-inflammatory supplements and colchicine injections. He also showed me some stretching exercises and gave me a prescription to go to see the chiropractor and for physical therapy. Now my pain has subsided and I am feeling much better. Thanks to Dr. Sosin and his wonderful staff. They are the most caring people I have ever met! I would recommend anyone with any kind of illness to see Dr. Sosin and his staff.- J.J.

I am 55 years old and last year I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The joints in my hands, elbows, and feet ached and were swollen. The rheumatologist suggested going on several drugs. I had friends with RA who had taken these drugs with terrible side effects and very little relief of symptoms. I was alarmed at my prospects. I went online and began to do lots of research. I ordered books on inflammation and RA and began to read. I made dietary changes recommended to me by an acupuncturist and put myself on a regimen swimming 45 minutes five times a week.

The first 3 or 4 months were difficult. I was depressed and angry that I had to do this. All of my favorite foods were gone, coffee, croissants, cheese, potato chips. But by month 5, I was getting used to it and liking the weight loss, about 15 lbs at that point. The improvement in my joint pain was very gradual, but by month five, I could leap out of bed in the morning like a 20 year old. I rarely thought about my joint pain and my reddened, swollen elbows had returned to normal color and size. The arthritic nodules on my finger joints gradually disappeared.

I continued to search for a medical doctor that would support me. That’s when I found the Institute for Progressive Medicine. I made an appointment with Dr. Sosin and he listened patiently to my health history and looked at my test results. He thought my diet was the right way to approach my disease and approved of my vitamin regimen, which includes lots of fish oil.

By now I have lost 23 lbs., am still swimming and rarely think about food I cannot eat. I focus on what I can eat and use lots of spices to give food flavor and interest. I have even learned to cook a bit since I no longer eat prepared foods. I am grateful for the Institute for Progressive Medicine for supporting my self-styled healing path and for offering me the opportunity to learn more about healthy living. I look forward to my visits at the center. -E.R.

I came to see Dr. Sosin approximately 18 months ago. I loved his bedside manner, his patience, his ability to really listen and care.

Struggling with weight gain forever, even with eating organic, gluten-free and exercise, we discussed bio-identical hormones. I feel great! I have an improved general sense of well-being, good energy and am losing weight, especially around the midriff area.

I would recommend the pellet procedure for anyone Dr. Sosin considers a candidate. I am very pleased. – PT

When I first came to see Dr. Sosin, I was previously told by my former endocrinologist that I had Hashitoxicosis, a disease of the thyroid that could swing either way between hyperthyroidism (over active) and hypothyroidism (under active). Consequently, over the course of about 16 months, I was prescribed different drugs to control the swing between the two extremes. My health suffered greatly, not only from the disease but from the side effects of the drugs. While on Synthroid, taken for hypothyroidism, I continued to be very tired, experienced headaches as well as shortness of breath at times. I knew at this point I needed to look elsewhere for help.

During this time, I read about natural procine thyroid replacement hormone, an alternative solution for hypothyroidism. Then I read about Dr. Sosin and felt he would be the best doctor to help me. I have been his patient for six months now, and shortly after starting a prescription for natural thyroid hormone, all of the side effects began to wane. And through natural plant supplements, chances of swinging back to hyperthryroidism has been greatly curbed.

Today I am feeling better than ever, I am side effects free, and I have also gotten back my sense of well-being! I couldn’t have asked for more.

I am very thankful to Dr. Sosin for his expertise, care and valuable help. My health has turned around 180 degrees and I am ever grateful to him. Thank you and God bless you, Dr. Sosin! – PD

Feeling so good and natural with the pellet therapy! I have tried everything and this is by far the best! Total anti-aging physically and mentally! – SA


I am 73 years old. On August 14, 2014 I woke up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain on my left calf. The foot was white, cold and the heel and toes numb. I started losing sleep at night and could not walk more than a few steps at a time. The cramps on the calf muscle were cramping the whole leg.

Avascular surgeon, based on a Doppler ultrasound test, concluded that two arteries were showing 20-49% atherosclerosis and at calf level, minimal blood flow. The pulse under the left ankle was missing. He recommended: a) angiogram with possibility of angioplasty, or b) inserting a stent to open the obstruction. Considering the risk involved and the fact that the procedure did not address the root of the problem, I declined it.

Searching the internet, I found Dr. Sosin. On October 14-14, Dr. Sosin gave me the solution that will help: Chelation. He recommended 30 treatments, 1 per week of IV EDTA Chelation Therapy. I started on the same day after the visit. At that time I could walk only 120 steps with sharp chest and calf pain. Soon a positive reaction took place. Every day I increased the walking distance and after the 4thtreatment, the angina disappeared and I walked 1 hour. The foot, heel and toes regained the normal color and became warm. Walking gave me a good feeling. I could sleep all night.

Now, after 19 treatments I don’t experience anymore pressure in the chest and continue daily one-hour walks, 6 days a week, the chelation day being the rest day. I know that chelation therapy will do many more good things than regaining the power to walk.

I thank Dr. Sosin for his vision in practicing this kind of progressive medicine that allowed my body to recover without the harmful side effects induced by the conventional treatments involving drugs and invasive procedures. I am looking forward to completing the whole 30 treatments and to follow up once more, and to keep walking one hour a day.

Thank you, Dr. Sosin and many years ahead of good work. Your faithful patient, – RS


Approximately 5 months ago I injured my left knee.  There were a multitude of injuries to it.  I had 3 treatments of prolozone in 3 months.  I was initially unable to walk and the pain was severe. After my last treatment in December, I am a new person.  The pain is totally gone and I can walk and run with no pain.  These treatments have given me my life back.  I am so grateful!    – RM

Prolozone injections on my lower back have helped me a lot. I would say it has taken my pain away 90%.
Before, I could not sleep, walk, sit or stand due to the chronic pain, numbness and tingling on my lower back radiating down to both my legs.  After doing the prolozone, I am able to do these things again and without taking any pain killers and muscle relaxers.  I don’t need the walker or cane to help me walk or stand because, thanks to the prolozone, I am pain-free.    -JG

Five years ago I was experiencing severe knee pain so I visited an orthopedic doctor and was told I needed double knee replacements because of the bone-to-bone condition.  I did one year plus of prolotherapy with another doctor.  Conditions improved, but not to the level I was satisfied with.  I then did acupuncture for one and a half years, seeing additional improvement.
Last year I wanted to do some additional prolotherapy.  I had attended two seminars that Dr. Sosin hosted so I thought I would try his prolotherapy (prolozone) program.
Five years later I am able to walk without pain, climb several flights of stairs (vs. elevator), engage the clutch of my truck and do semi-intense 40 mile bike rides – all without pain.
I’m glad to have tried prolotherapy and that it worked successfully for me.   – DW

I just I have had amazing success with the shots of prolozone. After three injections I am walking 40% better. Am very pleased with my progress. I intend to continue treatments.- S.P.

I had 4 herniated discs this year which resulted in unbearable sciatic pain.  I then had 3 epidural injections which ultimately didn’t fix the problem.  The doctor then recommended surgery which I refused.
Researching alternatives, I found prolozone therapy and Dr. Sosin.  I have had 4 injections now and they have made all the difference – no more pain at all!
I’m so grateful to Dr. Sosin and his staff for all their help and caring.   Sincerely,   – DT

I was in a car accident 2 ½ years ago. The pain in my knee was not terrible at first but got progressively worse over the next year and half. I had surgery then, hoping to resolve the issues. After recovering 8-10 months, I still had continued pain, swelling every night and the knee still seemed to be getting worse. I read about the prolozone, looked up local doctors and came to Dr. Sosin. We determined I was a good candidate and started treatment. That was 2 months and three shots ago. My knee has not felt this good in 2 years. I am now hopeful I will once again get to enjoy some of the activities I love. – C.A.

Before visiting Institute for Progressive Medicine I had a lot of pain in both knees. After my first visit I noticed a difference, able to walk more less pain. The second set of injections I was able to walk ½ mile with no pain. I have recommended Dr. Sosin to numerous friends and relatives on the pain free I am experiencing. Quickly they want his phone number and information of his help with what he has accomplished with me. Words cannot describe how much better I get around and about. To me it is like a miracle. My last injections have given better movement. I am totally satisfied with the time and money I spent with Dr. Sosin. If I ever start to feel pain again I will return to him. I highly recommend his professional knowledge.- R.G.

I first experienced pain after a trip to the gym where I injured my left knee on one of the machines. After a diagnostic MRI of my left knee I found I had torn miniscus. It was painful. I went to Dr. Sosin on routine exam and noticed a flyer in his office on prolotherapy. After 3 visits with Dr. Sosin for prolotherapy on my knee, I am pain free. Thank God for prolo and Dr. Sosin! – J.E.

In the winter of 2000-2001, while downhill skiing, I hit one spot (slushy and sticky) which stopped my skis. I somersaulted forward and tore the ligaments in my lower back. Only a tiny forward lean gave me great pain. I came in for an examination and then for prolotherapy treatment. Within one week, nearly all the pain was gone. As new ligaments grew, I was able to lean over and touch my toes with complete comfort. The concept of prolotherapy is completely logical and yet the results were miraculous to me. – G.H.

A week ago, I couldn’t move/raise my left arm. I had recently injured my left shoulder (in which there was also bursitis and tendonitis). After a single prolotherapy injection, the results are so much more than I expected. The very next day, I could raise my arm about 90 degrees in front – less to the side. On the second day I could go higher. After four days, I had almost 180 degrees in both directions (front and side). A week later, I also have virtually no pain. This has been nothing less than a medical miracle for me. Thank you Dr. Sosin! -S.S.

Thanks to Dr. Sosin’s guidance I am doing better physically than any time in over 10 years!  The ozone treatments have made a major improvement in my health, and the supplements have been a big help as well.  I now have more energy and better activity than I have had in a long time.
Thank you!  – BS

If you suffer from sinus issues then nasal ozone is a must for you!
I have been doing nasal ozone on a monthly basis for over one year.  I have not had laryngitis for over a year now!  For a singer who uses their voice with daily practice and weekend performances, nasal ozone has reduced my inflammation in the nose and secondary the throat.  I still will have occasional allergy flare ups, but I am still able to sing through it!
Thanks to Dr. Sosin for bringing the best and most safe therapies for all of us.  Also, a personal thanks to all the medical assistants who administer the nasal ozone.  Thank you again for all you do for us!
With much gratitude,   – FZ

There is a noticeable difference in my energy level and ability to take in air. Especially when running! I went for an 8 mile run this morning and didn’t feel as winded. It’s helping me run longer distances without feeling tired or out of breath. This week the change has been really drastic as I took last week off from ozone. I continued to run last week but would get tired sooner. There is also a difference in recovery time too. After my longer runs (8-10 miles), it takes me a day or so to recover and I typically feel sore and stiff. I felt pretty good after my run this morning and haven’t experienced any soreness. The last thing I’ve noticed is my minute per mile has improved. It’s shaved 40 seconds off my mile per minute time. Now 9:35/mi vs 10:15/mi. Pretty neat actually.

Plus, I haven’t felt the need to have coffee this week either. This is strange for me as I typically drink 3-4 cups a day.- E.K.

I can breathe easier. I came in feeling poorly with the onset of flu. I was very congested and feeling run down. After two treatments of the nasal ozone I feel much better. The nasal congestion is gone and I’m clear. My wife had two treatments, and an immune drip and she’s better, too. Thanks. – J.L.

My husband is a hairdresser and one day at work a client in the salon handed him a business card for the Institute of Progressive Medicine. The client had overheard him mentioning that his wife had a frustrating illness and was only getting worse over the previous 11 months. She sympathized that she had been there once herself and gave him hope.

After years of painful symptoms and a few stumped doctors, a second colonoscopy finally revealed I had severe ulcerative colitis. The year leading up to the diagnosis was particularly difficult, as the symptoms had progressed quite a bit. I first appeared to Dr. Sosin in December and I hadn’t been taking any prescription medication, I was trying Traditional Chinese Medicine in combination with controlling my diet and lifestyle. I had tried the prescription drugs for a few weeks after the initial diagnosis and had very strong side effects, which were to me as bad as the disease. I decided I needed a more natural healing path, which was unsupported by the previous doctors I had met with.

Four months had passed since my diagnosis and at my first appointment, I was weak and down to 108 lbs with no muscle as I had been in bed for a month, usually I am 125 lbs. I sat in his office and was exhausted after climbing a few stairs. He completed his exam and knew just what my body needed, recommending some vitamins, supplements, further diet adjustments, and ozone therapy. I was also seeing someone for Traditional Chinese Medicine for herbs and acupuncture, which Dr. Sosin advised I continue. He also ordered blood work, an allergy test, and I received an immune drip. I left hopeful and already felt more cared for after one meeting with Dr. Sosin, he was so thorough.

At my next appointment, my blood work confirmed his recommendations, and I even discovered that I had a few food allergies. I was already feeling some improvement after the above and at this point had my first ozone treatment.

Over the next two months, I continued with Traditional Chinese Medicine, followed all of Dr. Sosin’s orders and received four ozone treatments total. I am humbled to report that since my diagnosis, my symptoms went from severe to moderate, moderate to mild, and mild to completely non-existent.

I have been UC free for two months now, when I first saw Dr. Sosin, it would be a matter of hours in between debilitating attacks and I couldn’t imagine having even a day without symptoms. When I first presented, I no longer was able to exercise, go out to dinner, have meals at friend’s houses, do anything in the mornings, enjoy spontaneous plans, make plans, or even work and my blood work had “high” and “low” flags on almost every line. Now, I have gained my weight and strength back, I am regularly attending Yoga, Pilates and going on hikes with friends, which I desperately missed and my blood work is back to normal. My body feels better than I ever remember and I have been able to resume my life again which had been put on hold. My quality of life is without a doubt incomparable to before. Dr. Sosin and the staff at the Institute for Progressive Medicine were instrumental in returning me to true health. – K.W.


I have been receiving immune drips for several months now. I am feeling great. I no longer have the viral infection of the semi-circular canal in my ear that was causing vertigo. Also, a before and after C.T. scan has shown a slight reduction in the size of a mass in my lung. I believe it will ultimately disappear. – W.D.

The other day I woke up feeling like I was going to be getting a cold. I felt fatigued; I had bags under by eyes and my throat felt a little bit scratchy. After my IV, I felt 100% better. I got the boost of energy and the symptoms I was feeling in the morning literally disappeared. I think the immune drip helped out a lot, especially since I received the treatment before it took over. I would recommend this drip for anybody that feels the symptoms of a cold coming on. -J.F.

I have been a patient of Dr. Sosin since 5 years ago. I drive over an hour from Pasadena to see him. After visiting my doctor in Pasadena, I always felt hopeless and defeated, but after visiting Dr. Sosin I always feel very good about my health. Today I told him about my upcoming knee surgery, and he immediately told me about what I can expect, advised me as to what to tell my surgeon, and recommended tests and natural preventative strategies which will help me to avoid negative outcomes and recover quickly. I had an immune IV and my fatigue has disappeared. Dr. Sosin is so caring and knowledgeable! An amazing combination! The best doctor I have ever had! – SS


I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis and was on a medication which was causing adverse reactions in my body.  Dr. Sosin worked with me to slowly help me be able to come off the medication.  I am now off all medication and am experiencing no joint pain.
I am experiencing a level of health and well-being that I haven’t experienced in years.   – AA

I came to the Institute for Progressive Medicine after I had been on medication for pain and depression. For at least seven years my life was not worth living. I am not a young person, I have great grandchildren, so I should have known better, but some doctors will give you what you ask for. I felt hopeless and helpless, with no way out. Now after spending time here I feel like I am starting life over. I thank God for sending me to this special place. – J.T.

My daughter was in a medical crisis when we first came to the Institute for Progressive Medicine. She had a lifetime history of seizures, both petit mal and grand mal. Since having a bout of meningitis at 5 months of age she also gradually lost her hearing and became totally deaf at age 16. In the past 6 years, Elisa was in and out of hospitals for neurological problems and psychiatric wards for uncontrollable behavior. In 2007, at age 22, Dr. Sosin recommended that we detoxify her from the many drugs she was on. At this point, Elisa was depressed, suicidal and refusing to eat or take medications anymore. After weeks at Pür Detox, a drug free detoxification program, and treatment with Dr. Sosin, my daughter is now drug free for the first time in her life. She is eating regular meals, is happy at her school for the deaf and has found reason to live again. We would like to thank Dr. Sosin and his staff for giving my daughter back to us. It is indeed a miracle that Elisa is doing well without prescription drugs. Thank God for Dr. Sosin and the Institute for Progressive Medicine! – F.L.

Three years ago, I tore both my rotator cuffs in my shoulders.  I chose not to do surgery and after 2½ years, I started doing prolozone shots.  After 5 treatments, I decided to add the PRP therapy. It was night and day.  Within a day, my left shoulder that refused to heal, felt better and stronger.  My plan is to continue these treatments until the shoulder is completely healed. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the PRP treatment.   – J.A.

During my tenure under Dr. Sosin’s care, I have experienced many and various challenges in my need for medical care; including breast cancer, thyroid cancer and difficulty walking due to problems with my left knee.  The recommendation from surgeons was a total knee replacement.  I have had two PRP injections for my left knee and now am walking pain free.  Previously I could barely walk with a cane.  I do not need knee replacement nor a partial knee replacement.
Thank you Dr. Sosin!!  I am eternally grateful.   – E.L.


 I have been seeing Dr. Sosin for over 13 years and love his dedicated and thoughtful demeanor. My health has greatly improved thanks to his innovative, preventive therapies including bio-identical hormone and PRP/Ozone therapy. Thank you Dr. Sosin!  – JC

Dr Sosin’s assistant asked me if I would write a testimonial about the recent stem cell treatment on my knee. So, when his assistant called to remind me I realized I hadn’t thought about my knee in sometime. That’s right – no knee pain, no squeaking bone, no twinges to remind me to be very careful how I walked or climbed stairs.

Three years ago I had extraordinary knee pain in my right knee. I went to Dr Sosin who prescribed an X-ray. The diagnosis was a torn meniscus and places that were bone on bone. I underwent prolotherapy which helped but still left considerable unease and pain during exercise. So, after a year of enduring this continual annoyance, I decide to have stem cell treatment. Three weeks after treatment my knee felt much better. Two months later it was still improving and a sonogram showed that the fat pad (a source of natural stem cells) on my knee was almost completely restored.
So, now six months after the procedure I exercise regularly and my knee pain is only a distant memory.

Thank you, Dr Sosin, Dr Moore, Shirin and Shannon for a procedure well done. –T.M.