Knee Stem Cell Treatment Success Story

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Dr Sosin’s assistant asked me if I would write a testimonial about the recent stem cell treatment on my knee. So, when his assistant called to remind me I realized I hadn’t thought about my knee in sometime. That’s right – no knee pain, no squeaking bone, no twinges to remind me to be very… Read more »

The Facts on Arthritis in the United States

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On March 7, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new data on the prevalence of arthritis in the USA. More than 54 million adults (23%) in the USA report arthritis diagnosed by a doctor, and almost 60% are of working age (18–64 years old). 24 million adults with arthritis report that the… Read more »

Prolozone Success

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Our patients are having astounding success using Prolotherapy combined with ozone (Prolozone). This therapy is excellent for patients with weak or damaged connective tissue causing pain and inflammation in the joints such as the knee, elbow, wrist, shoulder, low back, and other areas. Those with arthritis and sports injuries have seen excellent results as well…. Read more »

Stem Cells For Joints, Not Surgery

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Stem cell therapy is revolutionizing medicine. Stem cells are multipotential cells residing in various body tissues, especially adipose tissue and bone marrow, but also circulating in the blood stream. When activated and placed in different areas of the body, they are able to differentiate into functional cells to replace damaged tissues. Stem cells are being… Read more »

For Knee Arthritis – Injection is Better Than Oral Therapy

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A meta-analysis of treatments for osteoarthritis of the knee reached a surprising conclusion: intra-articular injections were more effective in relieving pain than any oral medication. (Annals of Internal Medicine, January 6, 2015, pages 46-54) The knee is the joint most commonly affected by osteoarthritis. Forty percent of people older than 45 years have some degree… Read more »

Prolozone for Your Joints

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Prolozone, or prolotherapy combined with ozone, is a highly effective treatment for painful, injured or degenerating joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. In prolotherapy, sugar water containing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, is injected into the involved area through a slender needle. This stimulates lymphocytes, cells of the immune system, to enter and promote the growth… Read more »

The Rising Sum of Knee Replacement Surgeries

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Twenty-seven million Americans have degenerative arthritis, called osteoarthritis. The rate of knee replacement surgery has dramatically risen, by a factor of ten in the last thirty years. Over 100,000 knee replacement procedures are performed every year. However, evaluation of knee x-rays has not confirmed an increase in radiologic abnormalities to coincide with the increase in… Read more »

The Magic and Mystery of Trigger Points

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A physician well-known to this corner had a sudden onset of severe low back pain going down both legs. He had been engaged in a vigorous physical program for years, and was in excellent condition. There was no known injury. MRI showed a large disk herniation between the second and third lumbar vertebrae. The pain… Read more »