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Will New Psych “Bible” Make Everyone Crazy?

Is anyone normal anymore? An updated edition of the medical reference doctors use to diagnose mental illnesses could include a range of brand-new disorders, including some that describe thought patterns and behaviors that have long been considered mere quirks or...

Sitting, even after workout, can cut lifespan

A new study debunks the theory that an hour of exercise a day is all you need to live a long life. Turns out, people who spend more time sitting during their leisure time have an increased risk of death, regardless of daily exercise. American Cancer Society...

Study: Supplements beat sun for vitamin D boost

Adequate vitamin D levels are best achieved by supplements because of the side-effects of UV exposure, says the results of a new computer simulation model from the US. We can produce vitamin D in our skin on exposure to sunlight, but the merits of getting the...

Pomegranate Juice – Juice From The Tree of Life

Ancient religions and the mystery traditions have always used the pomegranate tree and its fruit in symbol and decoration and myth, and alchemists and the hermetic traditions have often used it in symbolic form for its many esoteric connections to the ‘Tree of Life’,...
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