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Thyroid Symptoms? Try Empirical Treatment

Many patients, most of them women, have symptoms suggestive of underactive thyroid glands, but thyroid blood tests are normal.  They complain of constipation, hair loss, cold intolerance, low body temperature, weight gain, fatigue, depression, dry skin, and changes in...
Fish Oil Prevents Heart Failure

Fish Oil Prevents Heart Failure

Along with their many other benefits, omega three fatty acids, primarily found in fish, have now been found protective against the development of heart failure.  (Annals of Internal Medicine, 2 August, 2011, pp. 160-170)  In adults aged 65 years or older, the...
Finding a Better a CPAP

Finding a Better a CPAP

Sleep apnea is a very common condition.  I used to diagnose it occasionally in my practice, in retrospect missing many cases.  Now I specifically look for it in anyone who has impaired sleep, obesity, loud snoring, difficulty breathing through the nose, witnessed...
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