A post-menopausal woman had been diagnosed with osteoporosis, and was taking both Fosamax and transdermal hormone replacement therapy, without improvement.  She did not want to continue taking Fosamax out of concern it would damage her jaw or cause swallowing problems, which bisphosphonates are reported to induce.

We stopped the Fosamax and began treatment with subcutaneous hormone pellets, both estrogen and testosterone.  She also took calcium and magnesium, strontium and vitamin D.  She continued to exercise actively on a daily basis.

Over the next four years, repeated bone density studies revealed a remarkable 20% increase in spine bone density.  Osteoporosis had not only disappeared, but her bone density was now above average for her age.

This is the most dramatic example of hormone pellet effects on bone density, but we have seen positive effects in every individual tested.  The pellets are highly effective, and should be considered for every appropriate individual, man or woman, who is at risk for fracture due to low bone density.

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Allan Sosin MD

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