The best way to treat health conditions isn’t always drugs and surgery. There are a number of natural approaches that can replace these invasive treatments. That’s why we at the Institute for Progressive Medicine offer alternative treatments and therapies to help our patients overcome their ailments in a more natural way. Here are a few of our progressive medicine services and therapies that we offer.

1. Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing

laboratory testingHere at the Institute for Progressive Medicine, one of the services we offer is laboratory and diagnostic testing. Most of our testing is performed right in our own laboratory. We can provide a comprehensive menu of testing, including blood count, chemistries, hormone levels, insulin, urinalysis, PAP smear, cancer markers, viral antibodies, and much more. We also offer a range of cardiovascular studies, such as stress tests, echocardiogram, EKG/ECG, cardiac MRI and PET scan, and others. We even provide a wide variety of specialized studies, from food allergy testing to antioxidant levels to fertility testing and more. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive look into your health so we can fully understand what’s causing your health issues.

2. Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a gas with powerful oxidizing properties that can provide great medical benefits. At the Institute for Progressive Medicine, we use multiple methods of ozone therapy to resolve infections, relieve autoimmune symptoms, and increase energy production at the cellular level. Intravenous (IV) ozone therapies administer ozone directly into the bloodstream using a filtering device. Our newest method of IV ozone therapy, Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation (EBOO), can treat a large quantity of blood, making it an effective treatment for killing bacteria, viruses, and parasites, as well as enhancing oxygen utilization. Other ozone therapies include rectal and bladder insufflation, ozonated saline, limb bagging, ozonized oils, and nasal ozone.

3. Perineural Injection Therapy

carpal tunnel syndromePerineural injection therapy (PIT) is a progressive medicine treatment for inflamed nerves. A low concentration of dextrose is injected to calm down nerve inflammation and promote healing in both chronic and acute injuries. PIT offers pain relief and boosts nerve function and healing. This treatment can be effective in nerve inflammatory conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and musculoskeletal conditions. 

4. Hormone Replacement Therapy

Aging can cause hormone depletion in both men and women. That’s why we offer hormone replacement therapy to help your body maintain the levels it needs to function at its best, both physically and mentally. Here at the Institute for Progressive Medicine, we use bioidentical hormones for the safest, most effective results. The hormones we may prescribe can include progesterone, testosterone, estradiol, estriol, thyroid hormone, DHEA, and human growth hormone. These can be administered orally, sublingually, transdermally, by injection, or by pellet. 

5. Regenerative Cell Therapy

regenerative cell therapy injection in kneeTo help treat orthopedic disorders we offer regenerative cell therapy. This treatment can aid in the reduction of joint pain and the regrowth of cartilage. Regenerative cell injections can promote healing to treat torn and degenerated tendons and ligaments in any joint, leading to reduced pain, improved function, and reduced need for surgery.

6. IV Therapy

At the Institute for Progressive Medicine, we offer intravenous (IV) therapies to help manage a number of chronic medical conditions. We use specially designed formulas to offer the nutrients your body needs to heal from a variety of conditions. Some conditions that may benefit from IV therapy include asthma, chronic fatigue, hepatitis, arrhythmia, macular degeneration, cognitive and mental function, wound healing, and more. 

7. Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments

vials of platelet rich plasma We offer two platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments at the Institute for Progressive Medicine. One treatment is to promote new hair growth for patients who experience hair thinning or loss. Local injections of PRP can thicken and grow fine strands of hair on the scalp for increased hair growth. Another PRP treatment we offer is PRP facial, also known as collagen induction therapy. Micro-needling using PRP can improve skin appearance, texture, and tone, as well as reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. A pen containing a number of micro-needles is used to create controlled micro-injuries on the skin’s surface, which then stimulates the skin to produce elastin and collagen. This skin repair process results in a softer and thicker epidermis.

8. External Counterpulsation

A non-invasive progressive medicine treatment we offer for cardiovascular disease is external counterpulsation (ECP). This therapy creates collateral circulation in the heart to relieve angina, improve heart muscle function, and improve circulation throughout the body. ECP can also treat congestive heart failure and help in stroke recovery. This treatment utilizes a set of inflatable cuffs around the legs and pelvis that are sequentially inflated from the bottom up. This forces blood upward towards the heart, increasing blood pressure in the heart and coronary arteries. Over time, these treatments will result in a natural bypass around occluded vessels without the risks of open-heart surgery or angioplasty.

9. Prolotherapy

prolotherapy injection in kneeHere at the Institute for Progressive Medicine, we utilize prolotherapy to help strengthen tendons and ligaments. These connective tissues can be damaged from injury or wear and tear, resulting in pain and decreased function. Typically, surgery is recommended to resolve connective tissue problems, but we offer prolotherapy as a non-surgical approach to strengthen these tissues to reduce pain and improve function. We combine prolotherapy with ozone (prolozone therapy) to stimulate immune system cells and promote the growth of new tissue through the injection of a solution of sugar water, vitamins, nutrients, and ozone.

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