Study: Supplements beat sun for vitamin D boost

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Adequate vitamin D levels are best achieved by supplements because of the side-effects of UV exposure, says the results of a new computer simulation model from the US. We can produce vitamin D in our skin on exposure to sunlight, but the merits of getting the supplement via sunlight or supplements is a source of… Read more »

Dr. Allan Sosin podcast on psychiatric drugging

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Dr. Allan Sosin recently did a podcast interview with Citizens Commission on Human Rights on psychiatric drugging. In this interview, Dr. Sosin talks about the harmful effects of and alternatives to psychiatric drugs. Click here to listen to this podcast.

Dr. Sosin Radio Appearance

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Dr. Sosin recently made a radio appearance on Mother’s Market Radio on AM 830. In this June 12th interview, Dr. Sosin talks about the effects of stress and solutions for it. To listen to the radio broadcast, click here.

10 Tips To Prepare You For A Healthy Pregnancy

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During the first few weeks of pregnancy a baby’s body undergoes rapid growth and each development relies on precise, successful development in the previous stage. Because so much is happening so quickly, these first weeks are a particularly vulnerable period. Since nearly half of all pregnancies are unintended, living an eco-conscious, healthy lifestyle may be… Read more »

Hillary Clinton’s Fracture May Serve as Osteoporosis Warning

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unfortunate fall last week  meant a fracture and subsequent surgery Friday to repair the break in her right elbow. It’s not clear if this was just a nasty fall or if Clinton has any underlying conditions such as osteoporosis that contributed to the fracture. Her spokesperson declined to comment about… Read more »

Multivitamins and Healthy Birth Weight

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Infants born to mothers who supplemented with a multiple vitamin early in their pregnancy demonstrated higher birth weights than those infants whose mothers were given a placebo, according to a recent study. Our doctors recommend a comprehensive multivitamin along with high quality fish oils as a prenatal supplement. CLICK HERE for Synergy Prenatal Packs, our… Read more »

Celiac Disease and Depression in Children

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Children with celiac disease have been found to have lower than normal levels of tryptophan and other associated amino acid precursors. These deficiencies can then lead to higher rates of depression and behavioral disorders. It was found in a recent study, that those children with celiac disease who complied with a gluten free diet experienced… Read more »