Are you concerned about the quality of your nutritional supplements? A lot can occur between the collection and production of raw materials to the point where a product is sold on a shelf. Did you ever wonder how long that giant pallet of multi-vitamins at Costco or Walmart has been sitting around in a warehouse? How about the temperature at which your fish oil capsules have been stored, or the quality of processing and cleanliness of supplement manufacturing facilities? How do you know your nutritional supplements do not contain unsafe levels of pollutants, metals or contaminants? If you buy your products in bulk from a major retail chain, it can be difficult to answer these questions.

At IPM, we hand-pick all of the products we carry in our store. We choose only those products made under strict good manufacturing practices (GMP). Most of our manufacturers only produce pharmaceutical grade supplements and oils. These are bottled under the cleanest conditions, often with more than 100% of the specified label claim at the time of manufacture. You can be sure you are getting at least 100% of the listed ingredients, even after the expiration date has passed.

At IPM, we buy everything in small, frequently ordered batches so you can always be certain you are receiving the freshest products. Our IPM private-label products are pharmaceutical grade – manufactured for us by only a few select, physician exclusive nutraceutical companies. Some supplements require careful storage or refrigeration to maintain freshness and guarantee potency. Our supplements are kept in climate controlled spaces or refrigerated as labeled, for maximum freshness and shipped on ice when indicated.

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