A 62 year-old woman was seen in January, 2010 with fibromyalgia-type symptoms.  For several years she had experienced aching in her shoulders, arms and legs, which over the last year had become severe.  She was unable to exercise at all without developing debilitating aches lasting several days.  She had restless legs symptom, and could not sit to read a book at night.  Prolonged sitting caused pain in her buttocks.

Fibromyalgia is difficult to treat using conventional methods.  Patients usually receive pain medications, sedatives and antidepressants as a standard treatment, with limited relief.

Our Treatment Plan

Instead of using pharmaceutical medications, I recommended an anti-inflammatory diet with elimination of wheat, sugar and dairy products.  Nutritional supplements included magnesium powder, omega 3 fatty acids, MSM, and D-ribose with malic acid, all intended to reduce inflammation and enhance muscle contractility.

She was referred for physical therapy, where evaluation revealed muscle imbalances and loose ligaments.  Therapy was provided twice weekly, including postural re-education and home exercises.

She was also started on transdermal bioidentical hormones, including testosterone, to increase bone density and support muscle function

Food allergy studies revealed strong reactions to wheat, baker’s and brewer’s yeast, all of which were discontinued in her diet.

Outstanding Results

One month later she had improved enough to start working out again without pain. Within 3 months she had nearly recovered, with minimal pain and much more energy.  She was able to resume working with her exercise trainer.  She stated that she felt like she was in her 20’s again.

This is a very dramatic improvement, significantly more than medications provide, and without any prescription pharmaceuticals.  Nutritional changes are paramount in treating fibromyalgia.  In many patients wheat, sugar and dairy products are causative or aggravating factors for fatigue and pain.  If you have fibromyalgia symptoms and need an effective solution, please call our office and make an appointment today.

– Allan Sosin, MD

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