One of our IVs has gotten so popular it has earned a separate name.The STRESS drip is a variation on our very popular Immune Drip, which we have provided for thousands of patients for treatment of infections, pre and post surgery, injuries and accidents, and other illnesses.

The STRESS Drip combines all elements of the Immune Drip with two other items, tryptophan and inositol, which provide calming and relaxation.Thus it can provide immune support and energy along with relief from anxiety and emotional discomfort.

If you are confronting a particularly difficult undertaking, or feel upset or incapable of handling a tough situation, such as marriage or parenthood, vacation with the in-laws, tax season or an operation, call us and arrange for a STRESS Drip. It can help you to relax and to sleep, and may be repeated as frequently as needed.

-Allan Sosin, MD

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