Medical Exemption Policy

*** Updated August 13, 2021 ***

The regulatory environment in California prohibits most vaccination exemptions. For this reason, doctors at IPM do not provide written vaccine exemptions for children or adults.

Patient requests for other types of written medical exemptions (not vaccinations) for schools, employers, government agencies or group activities may be granted strictly on an individual basis. Any patient requesting a possible medical exemption for a specific purpose must be a current patient at IPM and receive a physical examination before a request can be made. At that time, the doctor will review the case and any requests and determine if an exemption is medically necessary and can be written. It is not possible for our staff to determine beforehand if a doctor will be able to approve an exemption or write a letter recommending special medical allowances.


 Due to the regulatory environment in California, Doctors at IPM do not write or approve COVID-19 vaccination exemptions, provide exemption letters or fill out exemption paperwork.

Recent changes in California have caused many employers to attempt to mandate that their employees either receive COVID-19 vaccination or submit to mandatory masking and weekly COVID-19 testing while also providing proof of medical or religious exemption. The current attempt to mandate vaccination is a political and legal issue which should be handled with the assistance of a lawyer and pursued via legal channels. For this reason, we are unable to provide vaccination exemption letters for COVID-19 or handle paperwork for employees and employers regarding COVID-19 vaccination letters.

Children’s Vaccination Schedule

IPM doctors do not provide written vaccination exemptions. However, we may on occasion write a temporary delay for a specific vaccination for a limited time, when medically indicated. Reasons for delay may include ongoing illness, treatment with immuno-suppressive medications, or certain severe allergies happening in present time. These would have to be shown with written documentation or by physical examination of the patient.

IPM doctors may offer recommendations for the scheduling of vaccinations and the order in which we recommend vaccinations should be given. We also have compiled a list of nutritional supplements that may potentially reduce vaccine reactions. These may be provided on an individual basis for specific patients.

Some parents are concerned about the possible development of neurologic complications from vaccines, especially autism. Published literature does not currently support this viewpoint, although there is anecdotal suggestion of that possibility.

– Allan Sosin MD

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