Hormone pellets are tiny solid pieces of hormones, about the size of rice grains, comprised of either estrogen or testosterone. They are inserted under the skin on the side of the buttock, under local anesthesia. They reside in the layer of fat beneath the skin, from which they are slowly absorbed. They secrete constant amounts of hormones into the bloodstream, day and night, for 3-5 months, and sometimes longer.

Hormone PelletsI have been inserting hormone pellets into menopausal women, and into men with testosterone depletion, for a dozen years. Of all the methods of hormone restoration the pellets are the most potent, because blood levels do not fluctuate as they do with other formulations. Throughout their adult lives, women have experienced hormonal ups and downs related to ovulation and menstruation. Hormonal variations have incurred transient emotional changes in many women, manifested as anxiety, depression, insomnia and loss of libido. Often these emotional changes are aggravated with the onset of menopause, and relieved after bioidentical hormones are prescribed.

Mainstream medical opinion is often biased against the use of hormone supplements, preferring antidepressant drugs called serotonin or norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, and sedatives called benzodiazepines. Millions of women and men remain on these drugs for years. It can be difficult to get off them.

I have seen several patients discontinue sedatives and antidepressants after they began treatment with hormone pellets. One man had repeatedly attempted to stop antidepressant therapy over the years, but was unsuccessful and had to resume taking the drug. After several courses of hormone pellets, he stopped the antidepressant with no adverse effect. He smiles when I ask how things are going.

Hormones routinely enhance the sense of well-being, but are most effective when given as pellets. The response to hormone pellets can be dramatic or, in the opinion of several patients, “miraculous.”

Allan Sosin, MD

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