B Vitamin may help with cognitive deficits
Nicotinamide, a form of the B vitamin niacin, was shown to restore cognitive deficits in certain mouse models thus representing a safe treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

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Source: Nicotinamide restores cognition in Alzheimer’s disease transgenic mice via a mechanism involving sirtuin inhibition and selective reduction of Thr231-phosphotau.

Spicy foods may exacerbate bladder problems
Spicy food, as well as citrus, caffeine, tomatoes and alcohol, can cause a flare in the symptoms and intensify the pain of those women with chronic bladder problems. Researchers thought that the spike in their symptoms was triggered when digesting the foods produced chemicals in the urine that irritated the bladder.

The researchers believe the colon’s central role in the pain is caused by the wiring of pelvic organ nerves. Nerves from this region, the bladder, colon and prostate, are bunched together like telephone wires and plug into the same region of the spinal cord near the tailbone. People with interstitial cystitis have bladder nerves that are constantly transmitting pain signals to the spinal cord. But when the colon is irritated by pepperoni pizza or another type of food, colon nerves also send a pain signal to the same area on the spinal chord. This new signal is the tipping point.

Source: Summation model of pelvic pain in interstitial cystitis.

A MSM and milk thistle cocktail may be beneficial for those with rosacea.
A topical treatment made up of the milk thistle extract silymarin and MSM demonstrated a significant symptomatic improvement in those suffering with erythematous-telangiectactic rosacea.

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Source: Combined effects of silymarin and methylsulfonylmethane in the management of rosacea: clinical and instrumental evaluation.

L-carnitine for osteoporosis?
In a recent 2008 study, researchers from Italy created osteoporosis in mice and then gave them L-carnitine fumarate. The mice given L-carnitine fumarate compared to the non-supplemented mice had improved bone volume/total volume ratio via improved osteoblast differentiation and proliferation.

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Source: L: -carnitine fumarate and isovaleryl-L: -carnitine fumarate accelerate the recovery of bone volume/total volume ratio after experimentally induced osteoporosis in pregnant mice.

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