A simple answer to a painful problem.

Gallstone-related disorders are common and costly, but preventive measures are largely unexplored. Lifestyle risk factors include physical activity, obesity/overweight, and diet. Increasing consumption of magnesium appears to decrease the risk of symptomatic gallstones in men.

Institute for Progressive Medicine offers both Magnesium Citrate capsules and Reacted Cal-Mag, our Albion chelated calcium-magnesium.

Source: Long-term effect of magnesium consumption on the risk of symptomatic gallstone disease among men.

Culinary Herbs and Chronic Disease

Polyphenolic compounds from edible plants are the main source of antioxidants in the human diet. Culinary herbs and spices provide high concentrations of these active compounds which have been shown to decrease non-enzymatic glycation of proteins, which produce advanced glycation end products, a process common to diabetes and Alzhiemer’s disease.

Source: Inhibition of protein glycation by extracts of culinary herbs and spices.

More food for thought on chronic disease, glutamine and arginine

A recent study has demonstrated the importance of glutamine as a precursor in the synthesis of arginine. Among other things, arginine has been found to have antioxidant activity as it has been found to inhibit the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol, a known step in the development of atherosclerosis, as well as demonstrating immunomodulatory activity.

The Institute for Progressive Medicine offers several pharmaceutical grade glutamine and argenine preparations.

Source: Glutamine is an important precursor for de novo synthesis of arginine in humans.

Chillin’ with a cup of tea may help those with diabetes

Drinking chamomile tea daily with meals may help prevent the complications of diabetes according to researchers. Chamomile-supplemented animals showed a significant decrease in blood glucose levels compared with the controls, researcher’s say. The extract also showed significant inhibition of both ALR2 enzymes and sorbitol, whose elevated levels are associated with increased diabetic complications.

Source: Protective effects of dietary chamomile tea on diabetic complications.

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