Fish Oils and Plant Sterols… Potent Together.
The combination of plant sterols and omega 3 fatty acids from fish had a greater triglyceride lowering effect than when either was used alone.

The Institute for Progressive Medicine carries multiple high potency, pharmaceutical grade EPA/DHA formulas. Mega Omega is fish oil formula with 420mg EPA and 300mg DHA per softgel capsule. Cardol is a liquid fish oil with 650mg of plant sterol esters per teaspoon. To order, please call 949-600-5100.

Source: J Nutr. 2008 Jun;138(6):1086-90.

Niacin and Exercise work together on Triglycerides.

We all know the benefits of using niacin for promoting healthy blood lipid levels. And we also recognize the positive effects of exercise on serum triglycerides. But what about using both together? It appears that aerobic exercise alone lowers triglyceride levels after a high-fat meal. And niacin alone lowers fasting but not post-meal triglycerides. But when combined niacin appears to influence the triglyceride-lowering effect of aerobic exercise. However, exercise also decreases post-meal blood insulin concentrations after niacin administration, which illustrates the potential metabolic benefits of exercise in persons taking niacin.

Our high quality Niacin is a special Time release folrm, designed to reduce or eliminate flushing that occurs with standard niacin supplementation. Please call 949-600-5100 to order.

Source: Am J Clin Nutr. 2008 Jul;88(1):30-7.

“Doggone it mom! Can’t I stay up?
Poor quality and/or insufficient sleep has been associated with elevated blood pressure or pre-hyper tension in normally healthy adolescents.

Source: Circulation. 2008 Aug 18.

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