Dr. Allan Sosin recently contributed a chapter to the book “Food and Nutrients in Disease Management.” Edited by Ingrid Kohlstadt, this text aims to effectively bring food back into the clinical arena and help physicians put food and nutrients back on the prescription pad. Dr. Sosin’s chapter on chronic kidney disease reflects his many years of experience healing chronic disease with nutritional therapy. We hope this new text will find its way into the hands other physicians who are interested in incorporating effective nutritional solutions to many common chronic conditions.


• Explains how food and nutrients that are used incorrectly worsen disease outcomes

• Contains more than 40 disease-specific chapters, written by doctors

• Emphasizes laboratory tests, drug-nutrient interactions, food-drug interactions, and clinical toxicology

• Details quality and dosing of supplemental nutrients

• Includes more than 100 tables, figures, and summaries for speedy clinical reference

• Presents cutting-edge scientific evidence for prescribing whole foods, dietary patterns, and supplemental nutrients

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