The body’s connective tissues, comprising cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and skin, deteriorate over time.  This leads to joint pain and arthritis, limitations of movement, inability to exercise, climb steps, even to walk.  Skin wrinkles, thins and bruises more easily with minimal or no trauma.

CollaGEN from Orthomolecular Products is a powder comprised of nutrients to support regrowth of these tissues.  Human studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of its components.

  • Collagen hydrolysate includes short-chain peptides (small proteins) which are easily absorbed and used as building materials by collagen-producing cells.  According to documented research, collagen hydrolysarte increases cartilage production, supports elasticity, and helps to maintain tendons, ligaments, and joint mobility.
  • Hyaluronic acid is derived from rooster comb, hyaluronic acid taken orally maintains lubrication in joint fluid.  Direct injection of hyaluronic acid into knee joints also reduces pain and improves function.
  • Type 1 collagen and mucopolysaccharides – Type 1 collagen is a major constituent of tendons, ligaments and fascia, providing structure and strength.  Mucopolysaccharides act as a glue to bind collagen molecules together.  The combination permits these tissues to flex, bend, stretch and maintain their structure without giving out. Active collagen proteins reduce eye wrinkles, known as crow’s feet, and increase the growth of collagen beneath the skin surface.  Improvements in studies were measurable in 4-8 weeks.

These constituents found in CollaGEN, combined with magnesium and vitamin C, are an effective nutritional support of connective tissue. The dose is one scoop daily, taken in water or to be added to a protein powder base.  We recommend CollaGEN for individuals with joint pain or recent injury, and before and after joint surgery.  CollaGEN is also an adjunct to treatment with prolotherapy, prolozone,  platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stromal vascular fraction (stem cells).  It also supports skin health, which is rich in collagen proteins.

Allan Sosin MD

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