BlueberriesThere are a growing number of farmers throughout the world who have gone completely against the grain of current industrial farming. They go beyond meeting organic standards and ceasing to harm the soil and crops with chemical pesticides. These farmers practice methods designed to bring about more nutritious food. It starts with treating the soil as the living organism that it is, and managing it to make sure it has proper nutrients that are then passed on to the crops that grow in it. The resulting plants are healthy enough to ward off pests and diseases, and the fruits and vegetables are known by a new term: nutrient dense. This means that the nutrients within the produce are far higher than crops not grown for nutrient density—a fact that can be scientifically tested. But perhaps the most interesting and rewarding test is taste. Once you’ve tasted nutrient-dense produce, you’ll be hard put to go back to supermarket produce which, in comparison, has little to no taste at all.

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