Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Stress and Anxiety have as a root cause unhealthy lifestyle and dietary choices. Often simple, not dramatic lifestyle changes can make a marked difference in the stress levels a person experiences on a day to day basis. Hormonal imbalance, unhealthy sleep patterns, uncontrolled blood sugar, nutrient deficient foods, dehydration, allergies, lack of appropriate or proper exercise, sedentary lifestyle, poor working posture, social and familial upsets, communication problems and many other factors can raise stress to upsetting and unhealthy levels. Often patients are unaware of the things they do to create unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety in their lives. Our doctors will recommend appropriate changes that do not include the use of dangerous prescription psychiatric medications. You can start feeling better right away making choices that will become a welcome addition to your daily regimen and significantly improve your quality of life.

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