We have been providing B12 injections for years. Even though if B12 taken in high enough dose by mouth, it will overcome any digestive problems that exist, B12 injections are easy to give, can be administered at home or in the office, and will provide much higher blood levels. Recently we have been using a special form of B12 called methylcobalamin. This is particularly effective in the treatment of neurological problems, and we have seen excellent and sometimes remarkable effects in children with autism. Giving B12 injections definitely circumvents any possibility of pernicious anemia and the cognitive impairment that occurs with it.

Some years ago I treated an eighty five year old man with progressive dementia. His wife could no longer manage him, and was preparing to have him admitted to a nursing facility. Within one month of starting the injections he began to improve, and within 3 months he was back to his old self. Several previous physicians had failed to evaluate him for B12 deficiency or to simply offer B12 injections. Without the therapy he would have been unnecessarily institutionalized.

Vitamin B12 shots are completely innocuous, easy to give and inexpensive. Their purpose is to provide support for cognitive and other neurologic functions. We use them for all patients with degenerative neurologic conditions, including multiple sclerosis, ALS, and Parkinsons disease.

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