Dark sky above road

Fall seasonal change can bring more trouble for those who suffer from allergy and sinus symptoms. In Southern California, the hot, dry Santa Ana winds can stir up much more dust, naturally occurring allergens and pollutants than other times of the year. These effects are often compounded by other seasonal changes.

Even though some areas have been handled by our excellent firefighters, Californians and people in other western states are still experiencing wild fires that add smoke and fine particles. These pollutants assault delicate mucous membranes and lung tissue. Dry, irritated sinus and nasal passages can lead to painful headaches, sinus infections, colds, sore throats and the flu. You may also experience seemingly unexplainable body aches and pains. Just look at the air outside and you will understand why.

There are things you can do to help. If you are in an area affected by fires or experiencing high winds, keep your windows closed. Buy and use a high quality HEPA air filter and keep it on in the room where you sleep. Keep surfaces in your house dusted and vacuumed. Take more frequent hot showers and breath in the steam. Use a high quality saline and xylitol nasal spray, such as Xlear. Our patients also tell us they get relief from Natural D-Hist and Sinatrol, two potent combination products we use to help with allergies and sinus problems.

If you are experiencing chronic sinus congestion, or if things have progressed to an infection, I recommend nasal ozone treatment. This is a quick, inexpensive and very effective treatment we do right here in our office. Some patients say they can feel nasal passages draining for hours after they receive nasal ozone. One patient recently experienced body aches and pains due to a sinus infection disappear after just one treatment. If you would like to learn more about this therapy, or would like to schedule an appointment, please call (949) 600-5100.

-Allan Sosin, MD

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