A brand new flavor blasting technology along with the latest in cutting edge research and information on nutrition has allowed me to design what I consider the finest vitamin available for felines.  And the icing on the cake is…. they like it!   For most of my veterinary career, I had to ask the owners of cats to chase their feline friends around the house and then pin them down to administer the cranberry and Vitamin C needed to control and correct their bladder infection or the milk thistle and dandelion for their liver or the taurine for their heart condition.  Now a vitamin is finally available that can help to both prevent and treat so many common feline problems and it is simply added to either the dry or wet food.   We taste- tested this vitamin extensively and, so far, just about every cat either likes or loves it. Deserving pets vitamins are also available for dogs. Get your cats and dogs on Deserving Pets Vitamins now.  Give them the glowing health that this vitamin creates.  You will see a visible change in their coats and vitality within a few weeks.  That’s because better health is being created from the inside out.

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Much love,

Dr. Deva Khalsa, Veterinarian

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