Patient Benefits:

  • Receive a 10% IV BONUS credit when you prepay $2500 or more for IV therapy!

  • Patients may use their IV prepay amount plus their 10% IV BONUS credit for IV pushes, IV drips, IV adds, chelation therapy, ozone IVs and more in the IPM IV department. 

Rules of the Game:

  • To receive the 10% IV BONUS credit, prepay an amount of $2500 or more and a 10% IV BONUS credit will be added under your account. For example: a prepay of $5000 receives an IV BONUS credit of $500 for IV services.
  • You may choose to replenish your account at any time with a new IV prepay amount of $2500 or more and receive a new 10% IV BONUS credit.
  • This NEW IV BONUS credit replaces our older IV prepay system and provides patients with more flexibility and choice when using their credit.
  • Your IV prepay amount plus IV BONUS credit are valid for IV services only and cannot be used for supplements, labs, blood draws, appointments, other treatments, medications, or other services outside the IV department.
  • Please see reception for additional information or questions about this special patient benefit:

    Institute for Progressive Medicine, Tel. (949) 600-5100

Additional Details:  IV Bonus Program is limited for use in the IPM IV dept. for IV pushes and IV drips only. 10% IV BONUS Program is non-transferable, non-refundable and has no cash value. Some exclusions may apply, cannot be combined with any other offer. Patients must have current IV orders from an IPM doctor to participate. Program subject to change at any time. No additional, specific benefits or guarantees are specified or implied. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. Nutritional IV services are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease.