According to the World Health Organization, cancer will become the number one cause of death worldwide, overtaking heart disease in many countries around the world. Cancer and the treatments for it are a major cause of stress and morbidity.

Conventional Cancer Therapy:

Conventional cancer therapies may be effective, but they are all toxic, and may create extreme discomfort and disability.  These therapies, however, can be made less toxic and more effective, with the use of specific nutritional supplements.  Many cancer treatment specialists wrongly advise their patients to avoid nutritional supplements, believing that supplements will impair the effectiveness of their treatments.  This is incorrect.

The idea that in order to destroy the cancer you must nearly kill the patient, is outmoded and counterproductive.  Studies have demonstrated that cancers are much better resisted when immune integrity is maintained.  When the patient and the patient’s immune system are supported, cancer therapies are much better tolerated, and may not have to be cut short because the patient becomes too sick to continue.

Diabetes and Cancer

Diabetes and obesity are associated with increased risks for several cancers, including breast, esophageal, and kidney cancer.  Thus the same nutritional therapies we use to reverse obesity and diabetes disease are relevant to cancer prevention.

Female Cancers

Cervical cancer is almost exclusively due to persistent infection with human papilloma virus.  This virus can be detected on routine Pap smear when requested.  We offer a protocol to eradicate this virus.

Mammograms detect breast cancer, but are uncomfortable, increase breast cancer risk due to radiation, and offer false positive and false negative results. Breast MRI offers a useful alternative for certain patients.  Individuals with a history of breast or ovarian cancer in close family members may be at high risk for these cancers, and may warrant genetic testing with aggressive intervention.

Male Cancers

Prostate cancer is common, often hard to detect, and has a myriad of confusing treatment choices. Men with low PSA levels measured in their forties are at especially low risk of future prostate cancer, and do not require yearly testing.  Low fat vegetarian diets have been shown to slow or halt the growth of prostate cancer, in the absence of other therapy.  Some prostate cancers are of low-grade malignancy, and in older men may be managed with careful monitoring of nutritional therapies, without the need for surgery, radiation, hormone therapy or chemotherapy.

Supportive Cancer Care

We see many patients with cancer and we often seen patients who decline conventional therapy because they are afraid of the side effects. We offer protocols to improve tolerance to cancer therapy, to reduce the side effects and the risks of treatment complications. We can help you navigate through the sea of preventive, diagnostic, and conventional and integrative treatment choices for many different cancers.  It is not necessary to face cancer with fear, uncertainty and powerlessness.  We offer support, advice, encouragement, and optimism.

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