How Do We Define Aging?

Aging is not simply the passing of years. An older person may be admired, even envied, for his accomplishments, knowledge, wisdom and abilities.

In a more negative aspect, aging implies a deterioration of life force, of energy, spirit, desire for change, and ability to learn and grow. It implies loss of physical and mental capacities. It suggests boredom, reduced energy, dulling of the senses, forgetfulness, impotence, ugliness.

Anti-aging, therefore, would comprise approaches to maintain and improve physical and mental abilities, to enhance perceptions, to promote communication, to increase production and therefore morale. Anti-aging would increase the value of living, allow for enjoyment, creativity and expanding interest in man and the universe.

How We Support Anti-Aging

· Restricting And Eliminating The Use Of Drugs When Possible. Drugs may handle symptoms, save lives, and sometimes offer cures. Always, however, they disturb a balance. There is a price to pay for using them. Where one area is strengthened, another will always be injured. It is the habit of modern medicine to offer a drug for every problem, and where older people are concerned, to prescribe many drugs at once. This practice is damaging. The statistic of 100,000 people dying yearly as a consequence of prescribed pharmaceuticals has been many times repeated. Few physicians, however, make a genuine effort to remedy this situation. They are stuck in the drug-think mentality espoused by the pharmaceutical-industrial complex. Patients know that drugs may cause them harm.

· Offering nutritional support. Nutritional deficiencies are almost universal. Beyond correcting deficiencies, higher levels of nutrients, sometimes into super-normal ranges, promote function and provide greater protection. We offer targeted nutritional support after individual evaluation. Supplements can usually be taken without concern for side effects. They are incomparably safer than drugs. One must learn and know which nutrients to provide and at which dosages in order to promote the effects desired by using supplements.

· Detoxifying. Bodies collect and store toxins. Toxins reside in the fat cells of the body, in the skin, the liver, lymph nodes, in the central nervous system. Detoxification permits cells and organs to function better. Detoxification involves dietary change, eliminating food additives, coloring and preservatives, foreign hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides, and heavy metals. Bad fats are avoided and beneficial fats and oils are supplemented orally and sometimes intravenously. Sauna and exercise also help detoxify.

· Using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement. Hormone levels decline with age in both men and women. This decline contributes to muscle weakness, osteoporosis, impaired exercise tolerance, reduced energy, and arguably to heart attack, stroke, dementia and memory loss. Bioidentical estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, growth hormone, and others, given by optimal routes of administration, offer benefits while minimizing adverse effects. We offer transdermal, sublingual, oral, and injectable formulations. We also provide estrogen and testosterone in pellet formulations. The pellets are inserted under the skin of the upper buttock, are effective for 3-4 months, and provide completely stable blood hormone levels, without the daily fluctuations seen with most preparations.

· External counterpulsation therapy. We have over 15 years of experience with counterpulsation therapy. Dr. Sosin considers counterpulsation therapy to be the most powerful medical intervention for anti-aging in existence. Cuffs on the legs and pelvis are inflated during the diastolic, relaxation phase of the cardiac cycle, transmitting a pressure wave up the aorta into the coronary arteries. This increased flow stimulates the creation of collateral circulation to the heart muscle. Both angina, and congestive heart failure from any cause, are relieved.

Counterpulsation therapy also increases blood flow throughout the body, to the eyes, brain, kidneys, intestines, and all other organs. Reduced blood flow is considered to be a major component of the aging process. In addition, recent studies reveal that counterpulsation therapy reduces inflammation within blood vessels themselves, directly modifying the atherosclerotic process. Professional athletes have employed counterpulsation therapy to improve their endurance and decrease injuries. Counterpulsation therapy is a universal health enhancer.

· Intravenous therapies. We have for years provided intravenous therapies of various types to remove toxins (chelation therapy for heavy metals), treat cardiovascular disease (chelation and phosphatidylcholine therapy), enhance immune function (immune drips), and support individuals under the stress of accidents, operations, chemo and radiation therapy. One IV therapy known as the P-K protocol is a sequential infusion of phosphatidylcholine, folinic acid, and glutathione that supports brain function. It has been beneficial in treating Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, multiple sclerosis, autism, and liver disease. Infusions of phenylbutyrate also benefit these conditions. Together with aggressive dietary modifications and oral supplements, the P-K protocol adds a potent weapon to the anti-aging arsenal.

We have patients who are active and vigorous into their eighties, nineties and beyond, with no interest in slowing down. The more one does, the better one feels. This is true of all people, at any age. We are able to direct persistent, optimal activity and production, to prevent and reverse disease, to move the focus away from prescription drugs that impair function. This is true anti-aging.

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