We are seeing more and more patients concerned about their brain health. This is no surprise. Whereas mortality from heart disease and cancer are declining, death rates from dementia are increasing. Unfortunately, there is no effective pharmacological treatment for dementia.  Current medications may temporarily slow the progression in the early stages, but they don’t extend life or reverse the process. Nutritional medicine, lifestyle, diet, exercise and IV therapy can be beneficial for patients experiencing cognitive decline. However, these approaches are much more effective at preventing age related cognitive issues, and should definitely be used in healthy patients who wish to prevent cognitive issues in the future.

As we age, many factors necessary for brain growth and repair decrease, such as hormones and essential nutrients.  Other factors, like infections, inflammation, and certain prescription medications can cause damage to the brain. Furthermore, people tend to exercise less, be more stressed, and have problems sleeping as they get older, which contribute to memory issues.  Certain genes, such as Apo E4 and MTHFR increase the risk of developing dementia.

If you are interested in the prevention of cognitive difficulties, including alzheimer’s disease and age related dementia, we encourage you to make an appointment with an IPM doctor today!

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