The Institute for Progressive Medicine now carries high-quality, vet-designed vitamins for dogs and cats. Devoloped by acclaimed integrative veterinarian Dr. Deva Khalsa, Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins delivers the very best nutrition for your pet. This formula is filled with healthy vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables and super-foods all made from human-grade quality ingredients.

Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins Testimonials

“This is one of the rare times I’ve sat down to write a letter of appreciation for a product. I have been doing rescue work with cats for almost 20 years and over the course of time have learned that building up a foster cat’s heath is a far better way to go than nursing him through an illness.  An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure with rescued cats. Of course, cats are often picky so giving them any holistic products often turns them away from their food. Since I have been giving my foster cats Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins for Cats my adoptees have much fewer respiratory tract infections and digestive problems.  One added benefit I did not expect was how much shinier and healthier they look after just a few weeks of being on the vitamin.  All this makes it easier to find them the loving new homes they deserve. I want to thank you at Deserving Pets because many wonderful animals are benefiting from your vitamins.” -Andrea, Florida

“My dog loves these vitamins so much that he runs to the refrigerator to wait for them at mealtime. I think he wants to learn how to open the bottle himself. He has always looked forward to supper but now it has become a gala event. I take him out for a long walk every evening and after a few weeks on this vitamin he has more energy and stamina and wants to keep playing, even though he is much older than his long time dog buddies in the park.   I firmly believe the quality of his life has genuinely improved because of this vitamin.  This vitamin has made him happier in many ways.  After 14 years he’s an important part of my life and now his ‘golden years’ will be that much better. That makes me happy too!” -Frank, California

“Jasmine, my cat, is so picky that I have to shop so carefully for dry food that she likes. I try to keep her on the healthier brands because she’s been prone to urinary tract infections. The vet told me that she needed more liquid in her diet but she only eats dry food and doesn’t like to drink water. I just started the vitamin in the hopes that it would help stop these infections but it’s too soon to tell. What I do what to say is – amazed as I am- she just loves the vitamin. That was a real surprise. She has been on it for less than two weeks and her fur is so much softer and shinier. So thanks and I’ll let you know how it works with her bladder problems. She only gets the cystitis about every other month -but for now I have my fingers crossed.” -Caroline, New Jersey

“My dog is one of the pickiest eaters you’ll ever meet.  So that fact that he loved the Bacon ‘n Liver Deserving Pets Vitamins blew me away. I would have been sure he’d refuse them and I would have never tried them, except for the fact that my sister bought them for him as a gift. I’m a believer now because his coat looks like he borrowed it from another dog. It looks like he bought it somewhere. It glows and is soft and clean. The ear infection that never seemed to go away is gone and he runs and plays much more than he used to. I want to thank my sister and Deserving Pets because this is something I never expected.” -Andrew, New Hampshire

“When I brought my puppy back to visit her breeder, she was amazed at how beautiful her coat was. I’d put Lily on the food she recommended and we figured out that the only thing I’d done that was different was the vitamin I’d put her on since I brought her home. My breeder began using Deserving Pets vitamins for her dogs with the same results.  I’m new to holistic dog ownership but I’m really proud of how Lily looks and acts and also that I helped other dogs get in the same condition.” -Maria, New Jersey

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