Ozone Body Lotion Sensioil (200mL) by Ozolabs


An excellent body lotion with all the benefits of ozonated oil. Can be used on the whole body daily. 6.8 oz



This Ozolabs Body Lotion is perfect for every day care of the skin on the whole body and a must if you are spending your days swimming or at the beach. The body lotion includes our blend of European organic ozonated olive and sunflower oils, shea butter, which has regenerative, moisturizing and healing properties, and squalane, which boasts similar benefits for the skin. All ingredients are of vegetable origin.




Ozolabs controls the quality of each ingredient included in their world-famous ozonated oils.  Each ozonated oil has specific chemical and organoleptic characteristics that are critical to the quality and effectiveness of the final products. Ozolabs hand picks their oils by geographic region and variety, and the know the producers personally. Specifically, Ozolabs olive oil comes from a region of Spain known for its superb olives, some of the most sought after in the world. Ozolabs producers collect the olives at 6am, when the temperature is exactly 8 degrees Celsius, to ensure that the olives do not loose any of their properties, and manufacture the oil according to their proprietary,  traditional processes. All Ozolabs oils are first cold pressed and certified organic.

Ozone is health.

Ozolabs sunflower oil comes from the South of France, where the endless sunflower fields that Van Gogh painted come in full bloom every August. Ozolabs producers carefully manufacture each crop and ship to us their best products. Ozolabs keeps all oils at a specific temperature and painstakingly tests the oils before they are used in the manufacturing of skin care products. Combined with the natural ingredients Ozolabs uses in all formulations, the ozonated oils are key to the remarkable anti-aging and renewing properties of these products. Ozolabs specific oils are selected according to their beneficial properties to the skin, the hair or even the mouth. The company continuously works on creating new blends of exquisite oils.

Ozone is health.

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