HyperOxy Ozonated Olive Oil by Longevity (50mL)


Extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil with an extra high concentration of ozone. Stays solid even at room temperature. 50mL jar.

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HyperOxy oil contains only Olive Oil and Ozone, and contains so much ozone that it is thick and solid at room temperature (72F, 22C).

Equipment and Ingredients:

  1. Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil (only the best will do)
  2. High Quality Extremely High Output Ozone Generator with a Quartz Glass Electrode to ensure purity of the ozone (only the best will do).
  3. High Quality Glass Reaction Vessel and Glass Bubbling System to ensure the ozone remains pure, and ensuring the purity of the final product (only the best will do).

Only glass is allowed to come into contact with the olive oil during the manufacturing process (or after). Nothing made of any oxidizable material (such as plastic, rubber, ceramic, etc.) is allowed to contact the oil, the glass reaction vessel, or the ozone during or after the manufacturing process.

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