One sometimes hears that the common citizen is helpless and can do nothing against the mega “powers that be.” It’s just one person against the corporate giants that have the money and media on their side. Might as well just go with the tide.

Ivan Royster will beg to differ.

Recently, the New York Times, no less, covered a Facebook page he had created called “The Ban of High Fructose Corn Syrup in the U.S.” The reason for the coverage was the page’s popularity: 120,000 followers and growing. The Times thought the popularity merited not only the article but an opposing viewpoint from the Corn Refiners Association.

Yes, Ivan Royster, an “ordinary” guy from Raleigh, North Carolina, working a job at a local university library, had come face to face and was squaring off with some of the biggest corporations on the planet.

What led him to that position? It’s actually pretty simple: he saw something he thought wasn’t right and decided to find out about it. Then he decided to share his discoveries and outrage with the world through the Internet.

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