I am 55 years old and last year I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The joints in my hands, elbows, and feet ached and were swollen. The rheumatologist suggested going on several drugs. I had friends with RA who had taken these drugs with terrible side effects and very little relief of symptoms. I was alarmed at my prospects. I went online and began to do lots of research. I ordered books on inflammation and RA and began to read. I made dietary changes recommended to me by an acupuncturist and put myself on a regimen swimming 45 minutes five times a week. The first 3 or 4 months were difficult. I was depressed and angry that I had to do this. All of my favorite foods were gone, coffee, croissants, cheese, potato chips. But by month 5, I was getting used to it and liking the weight loss, about 15 lbs at that point. The improvement in my joint pain was very gradual, but by month five, I could leap out of bed in the morning like a 20 year old. I rarely thought about my joint pain and my reddened, swollen elbows had returned to normal color and size. The arthritic nodules on my finger joints gradually disappeared. I continued to search for a medical doctor that would support me. That’s when I found the Institute for Progressive Medicine. I made an appointment with Dr. Sosin and he listened patiently to my health history and looked at my test results. He thought my diet was the right way to approach my disease and approved of my vitamin regimen, which includes lots of fish oil. By now I have lost 23 lbs., am still swimming and rarely think about food I cannot eat. I focus on what I can eat and use lots of spices to give food flavor and interest. I have even learned to cook a bit since I no longer eat prepared foods. I am grateful for the Institute for Progressive Medicine for supporting my self-styled healing path and for offering me the opportunity to learn more about healthy living. I look forward to my visits at the center. -E.R.