Making the Best Medical Decision Possible

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Whether it is alternative or allopathic (conventional), bad medicine is just bad medicine. We have patients who take no prescription or over-the-counter medication at any time. We see others who are taking 10-12 medications at once, who are interested in getting off as many of them as possible. They know that prescription drugs can be… Read more »

Medical Specialization and the Loss of Humanity

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The New England Journal of Medicine, the most prestigious and influential medical research publication in this country, enters its 200th year.  During that time, its staff and contributors have witnessed vast changes in medical knowledge and practice.  These include the acceptance of the germ theory of disease, the discovery of antibiotics, the use of hygiene… Read more »

What We Want to See in 2012

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1. Doctors spending more time with patients The average office visit for established patients in most practices runs 7-15 minutes, and 30 minutes for new patients.  That is barely enough time to get right down to business, do a cursory exam and write a prescription, with no opportunity to learn about the patient’s lifestyle, family… Read more »