Soft Tissue Support Pack (30 Packets)


Soft Tissue Support Pack includes a holistic approach to multiple nutritional needs that support the natural tissue recovery process. 30 Packets.



• Supports Healthy Tendon and Ligament Function
• Promotes Healthy Inflammatory Balance
• Addresses Post-Workout Muscle Tightness
• Promotes Normal Tissue Recovery and Repair
Soft Tissue Support Pak combines the functional formulations of four top products in a single pack to create the perfect nutritional protocol for soft tissue and muscle
support. It promotes healthy connective tissue, supports the body’s healing process and relieves post-workout muscle tightness, all while helping to establish healthy
inflammatory balance. Soft Tissue Support Pak includes the following supplements: 2 Traumeric capsules, 3 Vascuzyme tablets, 2 GABAnol capsules and 1 C-Flav capsule. These ingredients provide a multi-dimensional approach for soft tissue support delivered in convenient packets for ease of use and better compliance.

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