Organic Ozonated Coconut Oil + Lavender (2 oz)


Organic Ozonated Coconut oil with a lavender essential oil scent. This product is 2oz. Excellent for wounds, dry or cracked skin, lines and wrinkles.


Ozonated Fair Trade Coconut w/Lavendar Scent Oils are made from certified organic vegetable oils and pure medical grade ozone. All oils, upon ozonation, lose their intrinsic properties. They vary depending on the amount of ozone that can be incorporated within them. The amount of ozone incorporated into this organic oil is dependent on the number of omega fatty acids in each particular oil. Some oils have more double bonds in their chemical structures than other oils. When ozone is bubbled into oils, the chemical structure actually changes to a ring form called an ozonide. The more double bonds that the intrinsic oil has, the more ozonides that will incorporate into that oil. The more ozonides that are within a particular oil will determine how strong that ozonated oil is in it’s healing properties.

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