Nutritional Support for Cats and Dogs Powder (257g) by Rx Vitamins



Excellent multivitamin and mineral powder for both cats and dogs. Tolerated well with most animals. 257 powder.

Suggested use:
20-50 lbs. – 1 teaspoon
50-100 lbs – 2 teaspoons
Over 100 lbs. – 1 tablespoon

Administer once or twice daily.

Dosaging Tips: The above dosages are recommended for the initial 2 months of administration. After 2 months, dosage may be halved. To amplify or increase the benefit of the food-bound nutrients, dosage may be increased safely 2 or 3 times.

Ingredients per 2 teaspoons:

Lecithin 1000mg
Liver powder 1000mg
Salmon meal 1000mg
Flaxseed meal 500mg
Spirulina 500mg
Bee Pollen 100mg
Kelp 100mg
Tang kwei 100mg
Burdock root 50mg
Catnip 50mg
Dandelion 50mg
Ginger 50mg
Horsetail 50mg
L-glutamine 50mg
L-taurine 50mg
Milk thistle seed 50mg
Oregon Grape Root 50mg
Rose Hips 50mg
Siberian Eleuthero 50mg
Sodium Ascorbate 50mg
Turmeric 50mg
Yucca 50mg
Zinc (monomethionine) 2mg
Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol succinate) 10 I.U.
Biotin 50mcg
Selenium (Selenomethionine) 3 mcg