GI Sustain (840g powder) by Metagenics


GI Sustain is designed to provide gastrointestinal nutritional support. The formula is uniquely designed to help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria by including prebiotic nutrients, combined with readily digestible macronutrients. 840g powder.


GI Sustain, provided as a powdered beverage mix, is a medical food designed to nutritionally support patients with leaky gut syndrome.

-Nutritionally supports the “Regenerate” and “Reinoculate” phases of Metagenics GI Restoration Program.

-Features specially processed high amylose rice flour, augmented with
essential amino acids to increase the biological value of the protein.

-Provides high-molecular-weight rice dextrins as the carbohydrate source
and medium-chain triglycerides as a source of readily absorbed and
metabolized lipids.

-Fortified with nutrients such as zinc gluconate, L-glutamine, and
pantothenic acid to nutritionally support gastrointestinal mucosa integrity.

-Provides fructooligosaccharides (FOS)and inulin to support the growth of “friendly” intestinal bacteria.