Argentyn 23 Silver Hydrosol (2oz) Dropper Bottle


This is a professional grade colloidal silver hydrosol product commonly used in integrative medical practice. May be taken orally or used topically.

** UPDATE: This product is in-stock now. Also see Silvercillin or Health Max 30.


** UPDATE: This product is in-stock now. Also see Silvercillin or Health Max 30.

Maintain healthy immune function with Argentyn 23® Spray from Natural Immunogenics.

Silver hydrosol‚ or colloidal silver‚ reportedly is a colloid comprised of silver particles suspended in liquid. As a natural antibiotic‚ it could potentially fight common cold and viral infections‚ reduce sneezing‚ and soothe your mouth to alleviate itchy feeling. Colloidal silver may improve your body’s resistance to conditions‚ combat microbial infections‚ and relieve sore throat.

Colloidal silver in this product from Natural Immunogenics may also inhibit the growth of harmful cells in your body and alleviate respiratory discomfort. It could potentially regulate healthy blood glucose levels‚ and fight yeast infections. Colloidal silver appears to reduce lung conditions‚ skin infections‚ inflammation‚ and digestive discomfort. It helps relieve joint pain‚ allergies‚ and gum conditions.

Take Argentyn 23® Spray from Natural Immunogenics daily and it could potentially fight infections‚ inflammation‚ and respiratory problems.

– Adults: 1 teaspoon, hold under tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow.†
– Children 4 years and older: 1/2 teaspoon.†
– Maintenance*: Once daily.
– Immune-Building: 3 times daily.
– Long-Term Immune Support*: 5 times daily.
– Short-Term Immune Support*: 7 times daily.

30 Sprays = 1 teaspoon
Adults (1 teaspoon) / Children 4 years and older (1/2 teaspoon)
Silver 115mcg / 57.5 mcg

Vegan. Allergen, gluten and GMO free.

Endotoxin/Pyrogen tested.For best shelf-life, avoid sources of magnetic energy and extremes of light.

Testimonials from Natural Immunogenics on Argentyn 23:


Works great and doesn’t cost too much

Brad B

Holistic Physician says

Sovereign Silver should be a staple in everyone’s First Aid Kit of immune-boosting supplements. I have used and recommended it consistently for over 10 years and continue to be impressed by its incredible effectiveness and safety. Dennis Fera, MD, practicing medicine as a holistic physician for over 19 years in the Triangle Region of North Carolina

Dennis Fera, MD

A favorite

I have found several uses for this product in the kitchen and bath. A little goes a long ways. I do not want to be without it


Fantastic stuff

I keep a bottle of this in the medicine cabinet all the time now. I’m sensitive to much too much stuff, but this silver product is fantastic and helped heal a wound that I had been treating for 5 weeks. Worth every penny.


Great for burns

Great for burns, stops pain and helps heal fast


My preferred brand

There are other brands, of course, but this is the brand I prefer. It’s clear, and it doesn’t have a strong taste. I don’t taste it at all.

East Coast

Just amazing!

This stuff is amazing! I even use it on my cat!… I will get more

Renee R

Amazing! Never without it.

I recommend this particular product and brand to everyone I know for just about everything. I have tried it in large and small doses and I can report nothing but positive outcomes. I have tried other brands and find this one to give me the most positive results.


No more petroleum-based first aid for our clinic!

It’s amazing to me how many holistically-minded health professionals still reach for synthetic first aid treatments like Neosporin. Since converting to Argentyn 23 first Aid Gel, we have increased our successes. This is the greatest topical care OTC to come around in a long time.

Belinda T., RN

Five Stars

I can’t live without it


Sovereign Silver Outshines the rest!

Of all the brands of silver on the market today, Sovereign Silver outshines them all! I trust its purity, safety, and effectiveness above all others. It’s the only brand of silver for me and my family. Thanks for making such a wonderfully effective product.

Russell S.

Great Stuff

I’ve been using this product for years. Really good stuff for many ailments. I recommend this product very highly. Great price.

Laura Fjellstrom

As colloidal silvers go, this is the best

I’ve done extensive research on colloidal silver, the production processes and many companies producing it. By far, Sovereign is the best. I am a very thrifty person, maybe even cheap! But with a product like this for health, I wouldn’t trust any other company or production method. I was going to purchase my own supplies and make it myself, but there’s no way to control it like this company does, so it’s one area I don’t mind splurging for the purity and safety, i.e. no turning blue, etc…

M. Moore


Works very well for cuts and especially sunburn, also used this on a new tattoo and it healed much quicker than normal

Will L

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