Children’s Vaccination Schedule
IPM doctors do not provide or suggest permanent vaccination exemptions for children. We do on occasion write temporary exemptions for a limited time, when medically indicated. An exemption may also be renewed when appropriate. Reasons for exemption may include ongoing illness, treatment with immunosuppressive agents, certain severe allergies, and autism.

IPM doctors do offer recommendations for the scheduling of vaccinations and the order in which we recommend vaccinations should be given. We also have compiled a list of nutritional supplements that may reduce vaccine reactions.

Some parents are concerned about the possible development of neurologic complications from vaccines, especially autism. Published literature does not support that concern, although there is anecdotal suggestion of that possibility. In these situations, IPM doctors may recommend deferring the onset of vaccination until the age of five, as autism virtually always declares itself prior to that age.

If children have had one of a series of vaccinations and parents want to avoid giving the same vaccine again, antibody titers can be measured. An elevated antibody titer is indicative of immunity.

– Allan Sosin MD

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