Do Hormones Cause Cancer?

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This is a question we regularly hear from patients when we discuss their symptoms and hormone replacement options. Often people are led to believe hormone replacement of any kind will increase their chances of developing cancer later. We have seen that this simply isn’t the case with patients treated using bio-identical hormones. A large study… Read more »

Hormone Pellets for Depression

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Hormone pellets are tiny solid pieces of hormones, about the size of rice grains, comprised of either estrogen or testosterone. They are inserted under the skin on the side of the buttock, under local anesthesia. They reside in the layer of fat beneath the skin, from which they are slowly absorbed. They secrete constant amounts… Read more »

Testosterone Prevents Breast Cancer

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A large study published in 2013 reveals a markedly reduced incidence of breast cancer in women treated with testosterone compared to women who received no hormone replacement therapy. (Glaser et al, Maturitas 2013) 1268 women were enrolled in the study, with average follow-up of five years. Treatment was provided with testosterone pellets implanted under the… Read more »

Testosterone Replacement

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There are so many diverse opinions about testosterone that it would be hard for anyone, physician or layman, to see a clear picture. What is well established is that testosterone: Improves athletic performance Increases muscle mass Raises bone density Increases libido Often improves erectile function Reduces abdominal fat Increases red blood cell production What has… Read more »

Hormones and The Brain

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In all the hullaballoo about hormone replacement therapy, not enough has been said about the profound effects of estrogen and testosterone on the brain. I think that if all the other benefits of hormone replacement were disregarded, the beneficial effects on brain function alone would justify prescribing them. Women in menopause often develop depression, irritability,… Read more »

New Videos from Dr. Harden on Thyroid Treatment

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Dr. Julie Harden recently spoke about different aspects of thyroid health, as well as The Institute for Progressive Medicine’s approach in treating and preventing hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. See the playlist of the 4 videos below:

Lose Weight With Testosterone

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Testosterone deficiency is commonplace, and closely related to age. Levels decline 1% yearly after the age of 40. We also see declines in men under stress, either emotional or physical, and in men taking psychoactive agents such as antidepressants, sedatives, as well as alcohol and other drugs, particularly narcotics. Testosterone is easily measured with a… Read more »

Sermorelin – A Growth Hormone Stimulator

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Government law restricts the use of human growth hormone (HGH) to three conditions: adult onset human growth hormone deficiency, inflammatory bowel disease, and adult immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).  The reason for this appears to be the unfair use of growth hormone by professional athletes to gain physical advantage over opponents.  This situation is similar to… Read more »

Testosterone Lengthens Life Span

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Diabetic men with low testosterone levels had a death rate twice as high as diabetics with normal testosterone levels, followed over 6 years (20% versus 9%).  When men with low testosterone were treated to restore normal levels, the risk of death was the same as men with normal testosterone levels.  The study was published in… Read more »

Thyroid Symptoms? Try Empirical Treatment

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Many patients, most of them women, have symptoms suggestive of underactive thyroid glands, but thyroid blood tests are normal.  They complain of constipation, hair loss, cold intolerance, low body temperature, weight gain, fatigue, depression, dry skin, and changes in menstruation.  Unless blood tests are abnormal, many physicians decline to offer thyroid hormone therapy. I have… Read more »