The Power of Vitamin D and Leaky Gut

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Crohn’s disease is an inflammation of the intestine characterized by pain, bleeding, and ulcerations in the gut. Impaired gut permeability leads to the passage of bacteria, toxins, or other substances through the gut lining into deeper tissues, and throughout the body. This aggravates the inflammatory immune response. Increased gut permeability occurs before clinical relapse in… Read more »

For Knee Arthritis – Injection is Better Than Oral Therapy

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A meta-analysis of treatments for osteoarthritis of the knee reached a surprising conclusion: intra-articular injections were more effective in relieving pain than any oral medication. (Annals of Internal Medicine, January 6, 2015, pages 46-54) The knee is the joint most commonly affected by osteoarthritis. Forty percent of people older than 45 years have some degree… Read more »

Fructose and Gout

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The incidence of gout, a painful affliction of the joints, has increased in both men and women in the last 40 years.  This coincides with the increased consumption of fructose in foods such as soft drinks and fruit juices.  Fructose is known to increase the production of uric acid, the protein breakdown product responsible for… Read more »

Reversing Heart Disease

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Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. is a retired surgeon who has become a nutritional cardiologist.  His book is called Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and his program is featured in the new documentary Forks over Knives. His food philosophy is similar to that of Nathan Pritikin and Dean Ornish, who also demonstrated reversal of heart disease, though… Read more »

Study: UIltraviolet light may clear up psoriasis, while boosting vitamin D levels

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(NaturalNews) According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) about 7.5 million Americans suffer from the chronic, autoimmune skin disease called psoriasis that causes irritated, flaky and thick patches of red skin; some forms of psoriasis are also associated with joint pain. Most medical treatment for the often painful and quality-of-life robbing disease center around… Read more »

Childhood Arthritis and Bone Density

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Children suffering from juvenile idiopathic arthritis have lower than normal overall bone mass and are prone to developing osteoporosis in early adulthood. It has now being advised that these children increase their supplemental intake of calcium and vitamin D to help protect them from the effects of this possible outcome. IPM offers Osteo Complex for… Read more »

Celiac Disease and Depression in Children

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Children with celiac disease have been found to have lower than normal levels of tryptophan and other associated amino acid precursors. These deficiencies can then lead to higher rates of depression and behavioral disorders. It was found in a recent study, that those children with celiac disease who complied with a gluten free diet experienced… Read more »

Magnesium May Bring Relief for Asthma

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Asthmatics who supplemented magnesium demonstrated significant improvements in their asthma symptoms and in their quality of life. Magnesium supplementation in patients with asthma showed anti-inflammatory properties as well. CLICK HERE for Resp-Aid, a special liquid formula containing micronized silver and hydrogen peroxide for use in nebulizers and is a great for those suffering from asthma… Read more »