Simple Blood Test Shows Blood Sugar Variability Linked to Depression in Elderly

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Hemoglobin A1C is easily measured by a simple in-office test and is an effective indicator of long-term average blood sugar levels in pre-diabetic or diabetic patients. A recent study shows that uncontrolled blood glucose levels over time, measured by Hemoglobin A1C, is associated with an increased incidence of depressive symptoms. The study conducted at Sheba… Read more »

Nasal Ozone (Nozone) for Upper Respiratory Infections and Allergies

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Ozone is a gas produced from oxygen by applying an electrical charge. Ozone has powerful effects in calming inflammation and suppressing infections caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. Drawn into a syringe, it can be passed through the nostrils into the sinuses to heal infection and reduce allergic symptoms. We have treated patients with chronic… Read more »