Prolozone for Your Joints

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Prolozone, or prolotherapy combined with ozone, is a highly effective treatment for painful, injured or degenerating joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. In prolotherapy, sugar water containing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, is injected into the involved area through a slender needle. This stimulates lymphocytes, cells of the immune system, to enter and promote the growth… Read more »

A Medical Record to Carry With You

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Government agencies have become obsessed with requirements for universally accessible medical records. They will enforce this requirement by law within the next two years. I shudder to think what this will do to individual privacy. Already I have seen the shadow of the computer come between the individual and the physician, interfering with communication as… Read more »

Mammography: Perhaps Not a Lifesaving Procedure

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A New England Journal of Medicine article casts doubt on the value of screening mammography in preventing death from breast cancer. (Effect of Three Decades of Screening Mammography on Breast-Cancer Incidence, November 22, 2012, pp 1998-2005). Screening mammography, or mammography performed in the absence of symptoms, has doubled the frequency of detection of early-stage breast… Read more »

An Eventful 2012 at IPM

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Happy and eventful New Year to everyone. Wonderful times await you. At the Institute for Progressive Medicine we were involved in a number of new protocols this last year. We began using ozone therapy, with excellent results in several areas. Ozone is a gas, produced in a generator through the activation of oxygen. It is… Read more »