Your Physician Should Be Your Advocate

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A patient goes to a doctor’s office with the belief that the doctor knows something, or has the ability to do something, that will help the patient. It is the doctor’s obligation to have knowledge, or have access to knowledge, relevant to the patient’s situation, or the training to perform a procedure to evaluate or… Read more »

Lose Weight With Testosterone

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Testosterone deficiency is commonplace, and closely related to age. Levels decline 1% yearly after the age of 40. We also see declines in men under stress, either emotional or physical, and in men taking psychoactive agents such as antidepressants, sedatives, as well as alcohol and other drugs, particularly narcotics. Testosterone is easily measured with a… Read more »

PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer: Going the Way of the Passenger Pigeon?

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The US Preventive Services Task Force has recommended against routine PSA screening in men for prostate cancer. The recommendation was based on the conclusion that “there is moderate or high certainty that the service has no net benefit or that the harms outweigh the benefits.” Large studies had revealed either no or very small increases… Read more »