Estrogen May Protect Against Breast Cancer!

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After years of upset, hormone cancellations and denials, now comes more evidence that estrogen replacement therapy does NOT cause breast cancer. Estrogen may even protect against breast cancer. If you find this surprising, read on. Published in Lancet Oncology, March 7, 2012, the study was an extended, 12-year follow-up of 7,645 women, half of whom… Read more »

Alternative Treatments for Gatroesophageal Reflux Disease

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Millions of people suffer every day from the very uncomfortable symptom of heartburn. This is also known as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Heartburn is a very unpleasant burning sensation located in the anterior chest that radiates from the stomach to the throat. Sometimes it appears as a sensation of pressure on the chest and can… Read more »

Vitamin D and Breast Cancer

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It was found previously that low vitamin D levels increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Recently it has also been found that low vitamin D levels are associated with markers of more aggressive disease and of metastases. (Aggressive Breast Tumors Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency: April 29, 2011, at Women with vitamin D… Read more »