The Rising Sum of Knee Replacement Surgeries

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Twenty-seven million Americans have degenerative arthritis, called osteoarthritis. The rate of knee replacement surgery has dramatically risen, by a factor of ten in the last thirty years. Over 100,000 knee replacement procedures are performed every year. However, evaluation of knee x-rays has not confirmed an increase in radiologic abnormalities to coincide with the increase in… Read more »

Too Many Stents for Heart Disease

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An invasive cardiologist in Maryland recently had his license revoked by the state medical board for 2 years, for implanting unnecessary cardiac stents in his patients. He was the head of cardiology at his hospital. One day he had implanted 30 stents. Review of his cases revealed that he had overestimated the degree of blockage,… Read more »

The Magic and Mystery of Trigger Points

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A physician well-known to this corner had a sudden onset of severe low back pain going down both legs. He had been engaged in a vigorous physical program for years, and was in excellent condition. There was no known injury. MRI showed a large disk herniation between the second and third lumbar vertebrae. The pain… Read more »