Disproven Medical Practices Are Still the “Standard of Care”

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An editorial in JAMA, Jan 4, 2012, deplores the persistent promotion of outmoded medical practices, in the guise of being valid.  (Reversals of Established Medical Practices, pp37-38) Modern medicine presents itself as being “evidence-based,” meaning that its tests and therapies are proven by research to be valid.  Unfortunately for patients, that is patently not the… Read more »

Bake Your Fish, Don’t Fry It

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Of 260 normal older adults, those who ate baked or broiled fish weekly, but not fried fish, had greater gray matter volume in areas of the brain responsible for cognition and memory.  After 15 years, 47% of those who didn’t have fish at least once a week developed Alzheimer disease or other cognitive impairment, compared to… Read more »