Cancer Prevention Guidelines

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The American Cancer Society has published extensive lifestyle guidelines for cancer prevention. (CA Cancer J Clin 2012;62:30-67) There are 572,000 cancer deaths in the United States each year, one third of which are attributable to diet and physical activity habits, mainly overweight and obesity.  Fully another third is a result of exposure to tobacco products…. Read more »

Research and Cigarette Smoking

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The first major quantitative study linking cigarette smoking to lung cancer was published in 1928.  Forty years later, 50% of adults in the United States were still smoking cigarettes.  Today the prevalence is 20% of adults. How long does it take for important health findings to translate into practice?  How long will it take for… Read more »

Sermorelin – A Growth Hormone Stimulator

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Government law restricts the use of human growth hormone (HGH) to three conditions: adult onset human growth hormone deficiency, inflammatory bowel disease, and adult immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).  The reason for this appears to be the unfair use of growth hormone by professional athletes to gain physical advantage over opponents.  This situation is similar to… Read more »

Medical Specialization and the Loss of Humanity

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The New England Journal of Medicine, the most prestigious and influential medical research publication in this country, enters its 200th year.  During that time, its staff and contributors have witnessed vast changes in medical knowledge and practice.  These include the acceptance of the germ theory of disease, the discovery of antibiotics, the use of hygiene… Read more »