Testosterone Lengthens Life Span

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Diabetic men with low testosterone levels had a death rate twice as high as diabetics with normal testosterone levels, followed over 6 years (20% versus 9%).  When men with low testosterone were treated to restore normal levels, the risk of death was the same as men with normal testosterone levels.  The study was published in… Read more »

Serotonin and Depression

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Massive research has been undertaken to identify biological causes of mental illness.  Business enterprises exist purporting to measure neurotransmitter substances with the intent of guiding drug or nutritional therapies to alter the body’s neurochemical production.  I have long been dubious about this testing, seeing no predictable benefit.  A similar opinion was offered in JAMA, June… Read more »

Berberine for High Blood Sugar and Cholesterol

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Berberine is a plant-derived product effective in lowering blood sugar in diabetics, and also in lowering cholesterol levels.  The method of action is to increase expression of the insulin receptor.  In one study, berberine hydrochloride given to 50 type 2 diabetics lowered HgbA1c by 18%, fasting blood glucose by 25%, and triglycerides by 17%.  These… Read more »

Fructose and Gout

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The incidence of gout, a painful affliction of the joints, has increased in both men and women in the last 40 years.  This coincides with the increased consumption of fructose in foods such as soft drinks and fruit juices.  Fructose is known to increase the production of uric acid, the protein breakdown product responsible for… Read more »