Reversing Heart Disease

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Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. is a retired surgeon who has become a nutritional cardiologist.  His book is called Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and his program is featured in the new documentary Forks over Knives. His food philosophy is similar to that of Nathan Pritikin and Dean Ornish, who also demonstrated reversal of heart disease, though… Read more »

Probiotics for Kids

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We are increasingly recommending probiotic supplements for children, with or without conditions that would mandate their use. Probiotics are good bacteria, which counteract the damage caused by pathogenic bacteria that invade and dominate gut flora. The main probiotics are lactobacillus, of which numerous types are available, and bifidophilus. The obvious medical conditions requiring probiotic use… Read more »

Antidepressants Increase Arteriosclerosis

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An ultrasound study uses sound wave reflections in the body to visualize structure. Newer machines can detect minute variations in tissues. Ultrasound can measure increased thickness of arterial walls, which indicates damage and a loss of resiliency. Abnormalities in the carotids, arteries in the neck, can be detected. They correspond to changes in heart arteries,… Read more »